Meet 12 World-Class Con Artists

In the age of mass communication on the internet, scamming people is a cottage industry that mainly consists of identifying the most gullible section of a population. Some people will fall for anything. It wasn’t so easy in earlier times, when you had a limited number of marks to choose from, yet there have always been gullible people, and there have always been smooth-talking con artists who could talk them into doing something they shouldn’t. Really, who wouldn’t trust the smiling face you see above? Lucky for us, sometimes these talented talkers could perform some really amazing acts.

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Con artists are usually after your money, but they also talk people into other tasks like committing crimes or or publicly embarrassing themselves just for giggles or the satisfaction of accomplishment. Read about twelve of those talented scammers in a pictofacts list at Cracked.

Source: neatorama

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