Meet Arby's Carrots Made Out of Meat

Arby’s chief marketing officer, Jim Taylor told Fast Company their next big plan – Marrots:

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“People love meat already. What Americans have a harder time doing is enjoying vegetables,” he says.  “So we said, ‘If they can make meat out of vegetables, why can’t we make vegetables out of meat?’ We’re going to introduce to the world a category we call ‘megetables’—we’ve applied for trademark. Our first vegetable is going to be the marrot.”

The plan to put carrots made out of meat – Marrots on the market. As to how it will be made, Taylor shared the details:

The marrot is a seasoned, marinated turkey breast, cut and rolled into the shape of a carrot. It’s cooked sous vide. Then it’s rolled in dehydrated carrot juice and oven-roasted. The marrot is finished with a brûlée of maple sugar and a sprig of parsley on top. Taylor points out that it’s high in protein and vitamin C—what Arby’s dubs a “meat snack.”

For those who are excited to grab these marrots on your next grocery run, I have bad news for you. Marrots are only an idea in Arby’s kitchen at the moment. Maybe, one day, you’ll be able to snag them for real.

image credit: Arby’s via Fast Company

Source: neatorama

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