Meet on the street

In France it is possible to walk on the street and meet, at the curve of a wall, a character of Pop Culture who seems to continue on his way or to pose, integrating perfectly with the environment in which it was created.

EFIX’s project is a way to deflect urban elements and transform them into what the artist sees in them.“Where you will see a pipe, I will see a saxophone, an elephant trunk or even a cactus …”, he explains.

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In his work, EFIX enjoys playing with the characters who rocked our childhood. A choice also made to keep your child’s soul and your carelessness in front of the society around us.

In these street art works, EFIX works with the most famous cartoon characters. We can, therefore, discover Tarzan as a child, hanging on a liana, or even a square mailbox that has become SpongeBob.

Many characters, interesting symbols of pop culture for the artist.Another family is also regularly represented by the artist, they are the Simpsons. The people of Springfield represent, for him, the symbol of the society of excessive consumption.“The stereotype of a family of four middle-class members who live in a house in the city. They are the ideal candidates to treat some topics with a smile (obesity, excessive consumption, or even trivialization of violence) “.
Source: feeldesain

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