Meet Randy Santel!

Another of my guilty pleasures is watching Randy Santel’s eating videos. Santel is a Professional Eater and Bodybuilder, and having watched him eat hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of calories, many of them fat and carbohydrates, I marvel that he has successfully managed to combine the two careers.

My days of eating that kind of food and in that quantity are long gone, and so maybe I am living vicariously through him or something. But watching a human being put away so much food in so short a time, sometimes day after day, as when he is on one of his tours, is nothing short of (morbidly) fascinating. He must live in the lavatory when he is off duty.

Randy, who goes by the professional name of ‘Atlas’, has his own website and his own YouTube Channel. He is also the founder and owner of He gives tips, tricks and hints on becoming a professional eater, lists his schedule if you want to see him in action, and in the meantime eats just about anything and everything available in huge quantities. I’ve only seen him fail a couple of times, one of them in an attempt to eat about 3 gallons of ice cream with toppings and sauce. It must have been the sugar.

Below I have embedded several of his epic episodes; have a look and just imagine yourself doing such a thing. For years on end.

Source: neatorama

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