Memobottles: Flat, Rectangular, Designey Water Bottles

Most reusable water bottles have rotational symmetry, i.e. they’re round in cross-section and jive well with car/bicycle cupholders/bottle holders. Urban commuters taking mass transit, however, might prefer to pack the bottle in a bag, where the cylindrical shape might be undesirable.

For this market there’s the Memobottle, which “fits perfectly in your bag alongside your iPad, books and laptop…its ergonomic shape allows for a Tetris style fit.” The bottles are made from Tritan and come in four sizes: A5, A6, A7, which correspond with the paper sizes, and a Slim variant that’s tall and skinny.

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The bottles themselves run from $22 up to $36, and come with stainless steel caps, which they call “lids.” Amusingly, for those with money to burn who want to pimp out their bottles, they sell optional “lids” in gloss white, copper and matte black finishes for $9.

They also sell optional leather lanyards in three different colors, for $19.50 a pop.

And they sell silicone “sleeves” in four colors, from $14.90 to $18.90, and leather sleeves from $45 to $80.

Lastly, while these bottle shapes are great for fitting in a packed bag, apparently they’re not great at standing up. So for $10 you can buy a “Universal Desk Stand” to prevent the bottles from falling over.

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I’m not saying these bottles aren’t nifty-lookin, and they’re probably fine in a flask-style application as opposed to desktop; but it’s nuts to me that you could spend over $150 on a single water bottle with all of the accoutrements.

Source: core77

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