Men Are More Likely to Help Women Who Are, Uh, "Poking Out"

Men more more likely to help a woman in need if she has erect nipples. That’s the conclusion of a study led by Dr. Rebecca Burch of the State University of New York in Oswego.

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For this study, the researchers asked 421 heterosexual college students to look at photos of women. For each woman, there were two versions: one with erect nipples and one without erect nipples. How likely were they to loan the women $100 or help them fix a broken-down car? The men were more likely to help the women with erect nipples. PsyPost reports:

The researchers found that men perceived women with erect nipples as more deserving of help compared to the same women without erect nipples. This was particularly true when the help involved greater interaction with the woman, such as tutoring her or stopping to provide aid if her car had broken down.

Male participants also expected women with erect nipples to behave more altruistically toward them and were more willing to include them in their social circle.

Female participants, however, were less likely to help women with erect nipples:

Female participants, on the other hand, were not more willing to help women with erect nipples compared women without erect nipples. The researchers also found that nipple erection made women less willing to include another woman in their social circle.

“Do women interact with women with nipple erection differently? Our research shows that they do; they want to avoid them,” Burch explained.

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