Mere Inches from the Summit

It’s been years since we’ve seen a new animation from the folks at Birdbox Studio (previously at Neatorama), and this one is a delight. A mountain climber puts all his effort into reaching the summit, but when he gets there, it’s already occupied. By a sheep. Now, sheep can be dumb or stubborn or both, but you’ll have to watch the rest of this cartoon to know which one this sheep really is. Oh yeah, you can say the same thing about the mountain climber. The climber is determined to stand on the summit himself (and no doubt get a picture for social media), but the sheep keeps him inches away from his goal. The story seems like it is some kind of analogy for setting goals in life or something, but the real point is to make us laugh. So go ahead and laugh, and if you can think of a analogous proverb, leave a comment. -via the Awesomer

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Source: neatorama

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