“mermaid on ice”

Okay, now that image is exactly how you start a post about an artist who creates “locative collages”! It’s art. On a lily pad. Floating out into a lake!? This can only mean one thing… yes, Angela Gobbens, aka @miss.printed, is on the podcast this week! She’s a Dutch artist who now lives in a little red house in Norway. However, before she started placing tiny people out into the big wide world, she studied politics and didn’t consider herself an artist. Yeah. Listen right up there under that floaty fellow, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and or Spotify.

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First up, some of Angela’s “locative” collages that I posted a few weeks ago:

Aren’t they fan-frickin-tastic? Little bits of joy in the most unexpected places.

Now, maybe it’s because it’s snowy and cold in Norway and Canada at the moment, or perhaps it’s the excitement of seeing art battle the elements… either way, I have to show you a few of Angela’s collages IN. THE. SNOW:

Gah! I love those “locative” shots! Those people are so tiny… out there all alone on snowy fence posts, outside Angela’s backdoor, and frozen into puddles. LOVE.

Speaking of LOVE, here’s the Scandinavian Collage Museum in all its glory:

Seriously, I HAVE to make this happen in my tiny town! {I’m working on it and will keep you posted.} And then of course, there are the many other projects Angela has on the go:

Ha! That lil pink slug. Alas, his journey has come to an end, but FEBRULLAGE 2021 is about to start this MONDAY {do it!}, and The Collage Garden is ongoing as well. Hm, I forgot to ask Angela when she sleeps. Next time.

And finally, as promised, after we chatted Angela bundled up and stepped out into the cold Norwegian landscape with a lovely {and about to be very cold} mermaid:


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Ahhh, magical! Imagine going for a walk and seeing this little lady lying in the snow? *Sigh* And with that, I will say thank you so much to Angela for sharing her story with me, and thanks to you for listening! There will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend.

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