Mesmerizing Video Showcases All the Weird Shit You Can Do With a Body Scan

Hyper-real scans of seemingly regular people are warped, wrung, and twisted like taffy in a new motion graphics music video called Makin’ Moves. The video was put together by visual art director Kouhei Nakama whose computer generated short films are known for combining animation with mathematical and biological concepts. Nakama uses a similar technique as that seen in the work of computational artist Albert Omoss. Makin’ Moves depicts scans of people dressed like they’re on a sitcom transforming into surreal geometric abstractions, creating almost kaleidoscopic designs out of limbs.

Nakama minces his rubbery creations, puts them back together, morphs them into a baffling set of geometric patterns, and makes them fly like a school of fish—reminiscent of the machines’ attack on Zion in The Matrix Revolutions. At certain points, the characters are distorted in sync with the song’s gyrating four-on-the-floor drum beat, making the whole scene that much more mesmerizing. Watch the music video in its entirety below:

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Check out more work by director Kouhei Nakama on his website.


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