Metal Thieves Pull Off 100-Ton Heist in Rotterdam

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We have all seen heist thriller films and most of the time, they are just a ragtag group of individuals who are trying to scrap some cash to get by the next couple of months. They have families to feed and they feel that there are no other ways to make an easy buck, so they turn to the world of crime.

Some of the more audacious heists target high-value items like jewelry or art collections, but in a recent incident that happened last July in Rotterdam, thieves were able to whisk away 112 tons of cobalt. It’s risky because the metal is toxic and the logistics of the operation would seem impossible, but it happened. And nobody is saying anything about it.

Read more on Bloomberg Businessweek.

(Image credit: Sophy Hollington/Bloomberg Businessweek)

Source: neatorama

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