#MetKids—Can I Learn about Greek Mythology at the Met?

Join Irén, age 9, in the Greek and Roman galleries as she shares what she knows about ancient Greek gods and goddesses!


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#MetKids is a digital feature made for, with, and by kids!

About #MetKids

#MetKids Contributor: Irén

Featured artwork:
Marble head of Zeus Ammon

Special thanks to the Department of Greek and Roman Art.

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#MetKids – هل يمكنني أن أتعرف على الأساطير الإغريقية في متحف الميتروبوليتان؟
#MetKids—Que puis-je apprendre sur la mythologie grecque au Met ?
#MetKids—Kann ich in der Met etwas über die griechische Mythology lernen?
#MetKids—Posso imparare la mitologia greca al Met?
#MetKids—메트로폴리탄 미술관에서 그리스 신화를 배울 수 있을까요?
# MetKids- Posso aprender sobre mitologia grega no Met?
#MetKids—Могу я узнать о Греческой мифологии в музее?
#MetKids—¿Puedo aprender mitología griega en el MET?

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