#MetKids—How to Make a Mixed-up Beings Book

Follow along to learn how to make a mixed-up beings book with your friends.

Draw in a Book

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• blank notebook
• pencil
• colored pencils


1. In your book, draw a head and neck on the upper flap. Connect the neck to the guide marks.
2. Draw a body on the middle flap. Connect the body to the guide marks.
3. Draw legs or a tail (or both) on the lower flap. Connect them to the guide marks.
4. Color your mixed-up being.
5. Invite your friends or classmates to draw in the book.
6. Once the book is filled, flip the flaps to create new mixed-up beings!

Make a Book (ask an adult for help)


• multiple sheets of paper (all the same size)
• stapler
• ruler
• pencil
• pen
• scissors


1. Stack the paper sheets and fold them in half the short way. Crease the fold.
2. Staple the fold three times to create the bind for the book.
3. The outer paper will become the front and back covers. Open the book to the first page. Use a pencil to divide the first page into three equal horizontal sections for the flaps.
4. Hold all the pages between the covers together and use scissors to cut the flaps.
5. Turn to the last set of flaps in the book. Use a pencil to mark drawing guidelines that will show the width of the mixed-up being’s neck, where the top flap meets the middle one, and the width of the being’s hips, where the middle flap meets the bottom one.
6. Once you are happy with the position of these drawing guidelines, mark them with pen. The drawing guidelines should extend slightly above and below the cuts for the flaps.
7. Turn to the next set of flaps and mark drawing guidelines in the same position as the ones behind it. Repeat for each set of flaps, until every set has drawing guidelines.
8. Now that you’ve made your book, follow the instructions above to create your mixed-up beings!


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