#MetKids—Were There Superheroes in the Ancient World?

It might surprise you to learn that superheroes existed long before there were comic books and movies! Join Kellie, age 11, as she learns all about the supernatural protectors of the ancient world.


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#MetKids is a digital feature made for, with, and by kids!

About #MetKids

#MetKids Contributor: Kellie

Associate Curator, Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art: Kim Benzel

Featured artwork:
Human-headed winged bull and winged lion (lamassu)

Special thanks to the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art.

Closed captioning for this video is available in ten additional languages:

#MetKids – هل كان هنالك أبطال خارقون في العصور القديمة؟
#MetKids—Existait-il des super-héros dans l’Antiquité ?
#MetKids—Gab es Superhelden in der antiken Welt?
#MetKids—C’erano i supereroi nel mondo antico?
#MetKids—고대에도 수퍼히어로가 있었나요?
#MetKids—Existiram Super-heróis no Mundo Antigo?
#MetKids—Были ли супергерои в Древнем мире?
#MetKids—Existieron superhéroes en el mundo antiguo?

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