MIgrants: A Short Film About Polar Bears

What do animals do when their home is falling apart? They have to go somewhere else. When their Arctic ice shelf collapses, a mother polar bear and her cub, wearing lovely knitted sweaters, take a chance and end up as refugees in a world totally foreign to them. While they just want to get on with their lives, the current residents look at them as an invasive species. It turns out they are not alone in their calamity, but that doesn’t make the natives any more welcoming.

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The award-winning short Migrants was directed by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, and Zoé Devise of the PÔLE 3D Digital & Creative School in France. It wordlessly addresses many subjects: climate change, refugees, xenophobia, deportation, and even littering. -via Laughing Squid

Source: neatorama

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