Mike Dempsey and the Difficulties of Gravity

Mike Dempsey’s photographs show a hilarious take on the small inconveniences associated with gravity.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Mike Dempsey is a skilled photographer specializing in a unique range of conceptual work. With some inspiration from skateboarding, his portfolio includes numerous images of people in everyday situations who seem to struggle with some inconveniences of gravitation. No worries, nobody was really injured. The following scenes of accidents are just the result of his photographic skills and the use of the right technology. You may think it’s mostly the result of Photoshop, but actually 90% is done without any retouching witchcraft. In a recent interview Mike Dempsey explained that he’s using an intervalometer, a camera attachment that controls shutter intervals over a certain period. This tool gives him the possibility to capture multiple frames each time his subject jumps. Just have a look at the selection below. For more, please visit Mike Dempsey’s website or follow him on Instagram.

Mike Dempsey, A fairly windy day
A fairly windy day.
Mike Dempsey, Banana
Banana slide and the very short moment just before the impact.
Mike Dempsey, Bicycle accident
Gosh, what an unpleasant bicycle accident!
Mike Dempsey, Ouch
Ouch, no more words needed.
Mike Dempsey, Strike
Strike, all pins and some more.
Mike Dempsey, This dog is way too fast
Seems like there was a cat crossing the way.
Mike Dempsey, To close
Too close…

All images © by Mike Dempsey. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring images in our popular Photography section. The category includes a nice mix of different work such as portrait, fashion, landscape, urban, and experimental photography.

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