miki lowe

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for collage … those palm trees? The greyscale swimming pools? Be still my cutting/pasting loving heart! This is the work of artist/illustrator Miki Lowe. She is an Anglo-Japanese artist, who was educated in France and is currently based in London… which explains a lot:

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Formed as an illustrator, her portfolio demonstrates an interdisciplinary practice between the designer and the artist. Mixing techniques such as  printmaking, drawing, digital manipulations, she creates images playing with surreal elements or abstraction. This refusal to stick to a method, or to choose a single identity ( a connection with her multiple nationalities)  is a main characteristic of her work. 


ps. Speaking of collage, in one week from tonight, I’ll be at Kolaj Fest in New Orleans! I think there are still a few tickets left for my talk, so if you’d like to come, grab one now … hm, I hope I can talk with a mouth full of beignets.

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