‘Mildly Interesting’: An Online Group Exploring The Weird And Wonderful Side Of Everyday Life (120 New Pics)

Running all day long worrying about errands, work-life balance and keeping up with the never-ending pile of laundry often leaves not enough time to notice and appreciate the simple joys around you. And don’t worry if you recognize yourself. This happens to the best of us. Just sit back, take a deep breath, and come along on this journey to improving your day.

r/MildlyInteresting is exactly the place to see something unexpected and add it to your everyday life. Since its creation in 2012, this subreddit has grown into a community with 19.3M members who share the most original photos. From hypnotizing UV lights that disinfect hospital rooms to x-ray pictures of childhood teddy bears, there’s something for everyone.

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After you’re done checking out some of the newest photos Bored Panda has compiled, just remember there are even more amazingly good pics here, here and here.

#1 My Daughter’s Bicycle Clarifying The Difference Between Austria And Australia

Image credits: pertiberti

#2 My Thai Food Came With A Chork

Image credits: finchdog

#3 The Fate Of An Unfortunate Fly At The Mask Factory

Image credits: rockbiter81

#4 This Message Stamped On The Squeaker Inside The Stuffed Animal My Dog Just Destroyed

Image credits: chakalakasp

#5 We Found A Missile While Out Blueberry Picking

Image credits: Halfkid

#6 The Wear And Scuff-Marks On This Boat Look Like An Island In The Sea

Image credits: supremo92

#7 There Is A 23 Storey Building In Duisburg, Germany With Absolutely No Windows (German National Archives)

Image credits: ManicSheep

#8 My Hands After Washing The Dishes For 20 Minutes

Image credits: TheProjectAlexander

#9 UV Lights Burning The Room I Just Cleaned In The Hospital I Janitor At

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: boneyardigan

#10 A Couple Pounds Of Razor Blades In My Wall. Apparently Old Medicine Cabinets Have A Disposal Slot

Image credits: Bookprof

#11 My Wife’s Engagement Ring Cut The Top Damn Near Perfectly Off A Glass When She Was Washing It

Image credits: Not_starving_artist

#12 While At Aldi Today, I Saw These Hamburger Buns That Were Missing Their Bag…but The Expiration Date Was Stamped Right On The Buns

Image credits: A911owner

#13 My Work Id Has Been In Its Plastic Holder For So Long That It’s Imprinted This Ghostly Image Of My Face

Image credits: cannibalism_is_vegan

#14 Local Kmart Has A Doll With Down’s Syndrome

Image credits: Moves_like_Norris

#15 Never Thought It Would Happen To Me, We Were The Only People On Our Flight

Image credits: ozech

#16 X-Ray Of My Childhood Bear, Taken In The 90s

Image credits: sleepy__fox

#17 Local Plant Nursery Has A Notice Translation For Teens

Image credits: _MothMan

#18 The Cost Of Giving Birth In My Country

Image credits: titatyy

#19 I Bought A Tie Today And It Came With A Matching Face Mask

Image credits: Soviet_Broski

#20 There’s Another Lid Inside My Vitamin Water

Image credits: dhenr332

#21 A Tiny Brick Flat In London

Image credits: threewaythreat

#22 My Local Library Has “Binge Boxes” In The Film Section

Image credits: sboss9

#23 Solar Park Bench With USB Charging Ports

Image credits: ruskayaprincessa

#24 A Hard, Very Thick Beard Hair I Just Pulled Out Of My Face, Next To An Average Beard Hair

Image credits: Helmfire

#25 My Nana Has Been Using The Same Deck Of Cards For 10 Years And They’ve All Grooved To Her Hand Placement During Shuffling

Image credits: RemarkableDifficulty

#26 I Have Muscle Hypertrophy (Muscles Grow Big Without Excersize). I Got Botox In My Jaw Yesterday Because Of This

Image credits: South_Pea_8017

#27 Today In Copenhagen There Was Car Free Sunday

Image credits: kevinchr1

#28 A Frame In The Middle Of A Lake

Image credits: theshutteredworld

#29 I Saw 4 Generations Of Honda Civics, In Order Of Age, All In White

Image credits: Chocolate1ce

#30 Jenny’s Number On My Dash On My Old Truck

Image credits: BTDMKZ

#31 This Holder For My Oreos

Image credits: fuzziblanket

#32 How The Fence Of The Garage Shows Which Floor It Is

Image credits: posk4r

#33 I Accidently Triggered A Man Overboard Buoy We Found On The Beach This Morning

Image credits: harleygsp

#34 The Beer I’m Drinking Was Canned Earlier Today

Image credits: greenhaitch_n_ham

#35 The Way My Mom Mows Crop Circles Into The Lawn

Image credits: heyheyhedgehog

#36 A 100 Sided Dice

Image credits: RamenNoodles851

#37 The Clear Ice In My Absinthe Looks Like A Chunk Was Cut Out Of It

Image credits: merlinrising

#38 A List Of American Amendments That Were Never Approved

Image credits: cdistefa

#39 In Italy They Got Free Water In Little Towns. You Can Choose Between Water With Gas, Cooled Or Regular

Image credits: aex_n53

#40 In The Netherlands, Cool Ranch Doritos Are Called “Cool American Flavour”

Image credits: Schlockodile

#41 Someone Put Oogly Eyes All Over The Menu At My Local Starbucks

Image credits: MSIRISH1919

#42 I Snapped A Photo Of My Dog Through A Window Screen That Looks Like An Old Painting

Image credits: PhatWalda

#43 Last Year We Had A Bag Break And It Dropped A 1.75l Bottle Of Vodka And The Pavements Been Clean There Ever Since

Image credits: 48jrej

#44 This Tinier Than Usual Bag For My Breakfast Burrito

Image credits: nickaa827

#45 Boxcar That My Great Grandparents Used As A Home

Image credits: sparkyinmt

#46 Still Have My Wtc Admission Ticket And Penny-Machine Coin From 1998…

Image credits: KoalaDeluxe

#47 Vending Machines In Switzerland Sell Pregnancy Tests Called “Maybe Baby”

Image credits: saugoof

#48 My Mom Has An Unopened Alice Cooper Record From 1972, Complete With Panties

Image credits: wellfork

#49 A Tree Guy Came Out Today…his Business Cards Are Made Out Of Wood

Image credits: shwikman

#50 Our Teacher Had Us Do Word Searches In Asl To Practice Finger Spelling

Image credits: First_Bike_82

#51 This Clean Color Spectrum On My Floor Right Now

Image credits: memecomperator

#52 A Fruit-Fly Walked Across My Chocolate Peppermint Pattie As It Cooled – Leaving Foot Prints

Image credits: Yarfing_Donkey

#53 Almost 3 Years Of Collecting Balls From Fountain Pen Ink Reserves

Image credits: ROgamerXRO

#54 This Implant And Screws That Came Out Of My Knee…

Image credits: Dalek87

#55 I 3D Printed A Tesla Supercharger But For My Phone

Image credits: pimi8522

#56 Found Out I Can See My Veins While I Was Testing My Wyze Camera For Water Damage

Image credits: Fresh-Yesterday

#57 Concrete, Wa High School Is Built Over The Roadway That Leads To It

Image credits: Black_Magic_M-66

#58 An Elderly Customer Came In Today With A Mcdonalds Vip Card

Image credits: ItzSurgeBruh

#59 Me At 22, 32, And 41 In The Same T-Shirt

Image credits: covinjo

#60 Cafe I Went To In Indianapolis Is A No-Tipping Establishment

Image credits: jman1255

#61 My Wife Is So Organized She Packs Zipper Bags With Her Outfits For Each Day On Vacation

Image credits: rakufman

#62 I Found A Pile Of Snail Shells In My Car Engine

Image credits: jessijojo

#63 Original iPhone Camera vs. iPhone 13pro

Image credits: Redstone41

#64 This Is How Much An Emergency Ambulance Ride Ended Up Costing Me In Germany (10.00€)

Image credits: morganej

#65 Every Vauxhall Car Built Since 2004 Have A Hidden Shark Somewhere In The Car. Found Mine In The Glove Box

Image credits: darkdetective

#66 I Bowled In A Bowling Alley That’s Stayed Nearly Unchanged Since 1958. Frye’s Lake Lanes In Concord, Nc

Image credits: derpbagels

#67 Chess Pieces Made Out Of Hardware

Image credits: Itsmemcghee

#68 These Are Plastic Things Used To Keep A Dead Person’s Eyes And Lips Closed For A Funeral

Image credits: undertakerdave

#69 Finally Dug Up The Slippery Stone Block Outside My Door, Turns Out It Was A Headstone

Image credits: KhalJohno

#70 This Book Has An Intermission

Image credits: electroniclola

#71 This Unoperatonal Escalator Leading To A Black Void

Image credits: jfe235

#72 The Wonderful Nurse Who Did My Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) In The Hospital Let Me Take A Picture Of My Cerebral Spinal Fluid!

Image credits: lemon_jello

#73 This Church Under Water In Italy

Image credits: Furkan_122

#74 A House In My Neighborhood Has These Plaques Outside Commemorating Former Residents Who Became Victims Of The Holocaust

Image credits: mmmarms

#75 A New Hole In My Bathroom Floor

Image credits: imJurld

#76 4g Data Is So Cheap In India That You Get 2gb Free With A ₹20 ($0.27) Pack Of Chips

Image credits: pauldmps

#77 My Hotel’s Sun Canopy Is Connected To A Wind Meter, Which Automatically Causes It To Retract When The Wind Speed Becomes Too High

Image credits: Samtulp6

#78 This Tig Weld

Image credits: antisocialwelder6010

#79 Dropped My Phone And The Crack It Made Kind Of Looks Like A Hummingbird

Image credits: HYEJOOSEGOIST

#80 The Printer In My Office Uses Little Paint Balls Instead Of Cartridges

Image credits: BearTrapGazelle

#81 Red Wine Vinegar Attracts Almost Twice As Many Fruit Flies As White Wine Vinegar

Image credits: space_based

#82 A Beer Can Fell Out Of Our Fridge And Landed Like This

Image credits: brancoopyat

#83 Found Kit Kat Key Lime Pie Limited Edition For 25¢

Image credits: THEVILLAGEIDI0T

#84 Going Back Through Sewer Inspection Photos And I Realized Something Had Been Looking Back At Me From The Bottom Of A 12-Ft Deep Sanitary Manhole

Image credits: The-YonderPond

#85 The White Streak In My Hair. I’ve Had It Since I Was A Little Girl

Image credits: ahammerfellonmyhead

#86 Our Refrigerator Is Supposed To Make Sphere Ice Cubes, But Instead Makes Death Star Ice Cubes

Image credits: darkestparagon

#87 There’s A Roulette Minigame At The Frankfurt Airport Baggage Claim

Image credits: Red_on_Paper

#88 Basketball I Got 5 Years Ago vs. Basketball I Got Today

Image credits: Global-Elite-Spartan

#89 My Milk Jug Has A Spot To Hang A Tool To Slice The Bag Open

Image credits: lego-golem

#90 This Traffic Light Is Showing Solid Red And Green At The Same Time

Image credits: Prong1978

#91 I Found $10 While Scooping Sludge At My Wastewater Treatment Plant

Image credits: mvdonkey

#92 These Seats At Logan Airport That Don’t Prevent You From Laying Down

Image credits: Jezzmund

#93 A Piece Of Glass From The Twin Towers That An Officer From The Scene Brought To My High School

Image credits: Ally_Allan

#94 The Servers At This Restaurant Noticed I Was A Lefty, And They Laid Out A Set Of Left-Handed Silverware

Image credits: caffeinetherapy

#95 I Drive This Vehicle A Mile Under The Surface Of The Earth

Image credits: fishnwirenreese

#96 This Restaurant Puts A Mesh Net Over Your Lemon So When You Squeeze It, No Seeds Get In Your Food

Image credits: alikat538

#97 Costco Sells A Tiny Sachet Of Saffron In A Bulk Sized Spice Container

Image credits: illBelief

#98 Saw A Payphone With The Telephone Still Attached

Image credits: jackscannabinoids

#99 My Ruler Has A Raised End So It’s Easier To Pick Up

Image credits: Iamthecello

#100 Coworker Found A “Motion Picture Use” $100 On Our Construction Site

Image credits: JayBeeGlassworks

#101 This Single-Serve Packaging Of The Body And Blood Of Christ

Image credits: ggthatwasme

#102 Sons New Wireless Gaming Mouse Says “No” Instead Of “On”

Image credits: hoofinstien

#103 My Anatomy Teacher’s Bathroom Pass Is A Human Leg Bone

Image credits: LuciusWasTaken

#104 My Brother Caught A Fishing Pole With A Fishing Pole

Image credits: stormtrooperZ16

#105 The Gym I Go To Is Renovating. They Knocked A Few Walls Down And Revealed It Used To Be A Hollywood Video

Image credits: f1sh_

#106 Accidentally Ran Over My Bluetooth Speaker And Let Out The Magic Smoke

Image credits: xpkranger

#107 An Original, Sealed Copy Of Bruce Willis’ Debut Album

Image credits: TheTexasCyclone

#108 Notepad Made From Thin Sheets Of Wood

Image credits: nicholas_janik

#109 This Gummy Bear Monstrosity I Just Pulled Out Of A Fresh Bag

Image credits: Organic-Octopus

#110 My Girlfriend Made A Stew Inside A Pumpkin

Image credits: _Incredulousness_

#111 Archived The Perfect Self Retaining Cable Wrap

Image credits: RobinDschafft

#112 Accidentally Recreated My Kitchen Counters Pattern On A Plate While Seasoning A Burger

Image credits: Tiddleyjuggs

#113 Us Bank Notes Are Actually Slightly Color Coded. I Boosted The Saturation In The Pic

Image credits: 5Beans6

#114 Pulled The Card Quickly To Her Face Right As I Took A Photo Resulting In Capturing Both

Image credits: nswj3

#115 This Is A Mood Blanket. Each Line Is A Day Of The Year With My Average Mood

Image credits: thetrinketgirl

#116 We Visited The Largest Bench In Germany

Image credits: hobbyhoarder

#117 This Perfectly Stocked Grocery Store, The Day Before Its Grand Opening

Image credits: powitspaige

#118 My Son Received A “Business” Card From A Classmate

Image credits: nuclearDEMIZE

#119 My Son’s Spongebob Activity Book Is Missing The Word Squidward In The Word Search

Image credits: schizm98

#120 This Big Ole’ Ball Of Wasabi

Image credits: Wry-knot

Source: boredpanda.com

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