Mildly Terrifying: 113 Of The Most Unsettling Images To Give You The Creeps

If you’re a fan of all things creepy and unsettling, then you’ll definitely want to check out the subreddit r/mildlyterrifying. This place is dedicated to sharing and discussing content that is “scary enough to increase your heart rate, or grow half a goosebump”. From macabre beings to uncanny anomalies, this place has it all!

Created in 2012, r/mildlyterrifying has more than 75k members who share their passion for “shudder-inducing” things. The subreddit is home to a wide range of content, including eerie photos and unsettling videos and stories. Whether you’re a fan of traditional horror or enjoy more subtle forms of terror, you’re sure to find something that will send a chill down your spine.

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#1 A Starfish Waking Back To The Water

Image credits: bonercollexor

#2 This Billboard Ad Peeling Off

Image credits: TVBrainSurgeon

#3 This Is What A 3D Mri Reconstruction Of Your Face Looks Like When You Wear Makeup. The Metal Particles In Your Mascara Etc. Disturb The Signal Of The Mri Machine

Image credits: Coconutbunnana

#4 My Dad’s Tenants Sent This Pic During Yesterday’s Winter Storm… Just Before They Got Into Bed

Image credits: violet_beard

#5 Graphic Artists Should Be Licensed

Image credits: MotorCityTrucker

#6 Just Climbed Into Bed And Learned The Hard Way That The Cover Of This Book Glows In The Dark

Image credits: Zestyclose-Jacket498

#7 You Guys Are Cute With Your Scary Spiders. I Found This Under My Couch A Month After I Fumigated

Image credits: shanefer

#8 Dental Mannequins Are Kind Of Terrifying

Image credits: hazard2600

#9 You All Know That Scary “Christmas In Yugoslavia” Picture. I Present To You A Friend Of Mine With Yugoslavian Teletubby

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Image credits: njaminjami

#10 I Was Taking Out The Trash This Morning And Found Bare Footprints

Image credits: _Us3rnam3

#11 My Boyfriend And I Went To A Drive-Through Safari Type Thing, And Learned That Ostriches Are Terrifying

Image credits: starsspinningdizzy

#12 I Find This Terrifying

Image credits: theprintedray84

#13 Burn It Down

Image credits: sammyiwas

#14 Hornets Nest That Formed Around The Face Of A Wooden Statue That Was Left In A Shed

Image credits: lujainosaurus

#15 Mirror Sculptures Reflect The Forest By Scottish Artist Rob Mulholland

Image credits: AutoCrosspostBot

#16 The All New Baby Safety Seat. Never Leave Your Kid Inside A Hot Car While You Shop Again. Late 1950s, Early 1960s

Image credits: MelanatedTukon

#17 Awesome 3D Grafitti Even If Slightly Scary

Image credits: wadeybb

#18 The Tooth Fairy

Image credits: GallowBoob

#19 He S T A R E

Image credits: duke-vedam-dren

#20 Haunting

Image credits: frejandmission

#21 The Sun Casting Shadow On My Lamp Makes It Look Like A Terrifying Spider Hiding Within

Image credits: cdunning93

#22 An Old Family Photo That My Dad Found… When You See It

Image credits: MiNuggets

#23 Weird Thing My Mom Made And Put Right Across From Her Bed

Image credits: GranolaBarSupervisor

#24 Jesus Christ!!

Image credits: dr_euphoriax

#25 This Is A Sun Bear. It Might Not Be Terrifying To Most People But It Shudders To Imagine This Creature Run At You With 2 Legs(Like A Human) At Night

Image credits: GrandpaBear14

#26 I Don’t Quite Know Why This Is Making Me Uncomfortable

Image credits: TrapLoverBigMood

#27 Spook

Image credits: ThatGuySasquatch

#28 This Will Haunt My Dreams

Image credits: LanceHasPants

#29 Our Grapes Came With A Black Widow And Her Dead Mate

Image credits: Treezle737

#30 This Disney Animatronic Of Trump In Their Hall Of Presidents

Image credits: phantom_xx7

#31 This Fucking Picture

Image credits:

#32 This Is What The Inside Of The Mouth Of A Leatherback Sea Turtle Looks Like

Image credits:

#33 Looked Out The Peephole And This Is Who I Saw

Image credits: wmd3

#34 Detroit: Become Human

Image credits: davidjrelliott

#35 It Looks Like My Friend Has A Face Inside His Neck

Image credits: Jaris_Mebius

#36 I Made Thomas The Tank Engine’s Crackhead Cousin At Work With Some Cardboard, Duct Tape And Rizla

Image credits: IronwoodFrost

#37 Photo Of Local Pub. This Photo Doesn’t Have A Filter.. We’re Likely To Have A Bushfire Come Through Our Town In The Next Few Hours

Image credits:

#38 Ct Scan Of 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Sculpture Reveals Mummified Monk Hidden Inside

Image credits: Lathanue

#39 Spider Carrying Out Goldfish From Pond

Image credits: Luigihiji

#40 Imagine Seeing This In The Distance

Image credits: Soapy_Meat

#41 My Camera Snapped A Picture Exactly When Another Camera’s Flash Was Going Off

Image credits: thepearofdoom

#42 Leather Face Jacket

Image credits: esposures

#43 Hi !

Image credits: grimfel

#44 My Nest Cam Keeps Seeing Faces In The Bush At The Front Door

Image credits: twistsouth

#45 This

Image credits: batmax4

#46 Made This Beauty In 5th Grade… It Was Supposed To Be Miley Cyrus

Image credits: Munk-the-Man

#47 Um

Image credits: jkdhlkjasghlasjk

#48 Now Someone Should Dress Like A Nun Outside The Window And Really Fuck Him Up

Image credits: imaginexus

#49 4-Year-Old Son Laid Down On A Velour Blanket

Image credits: LightboxRadMD

#50 Teeth Are A Nice Little Detail Too

Image credits:

#51 This Mother Wolf Spider And Its Babies

Image credits: herekittykitty09

#52 These Mri Scans

Image credits:

#53 Something About This Image Freaks Me Out

Image credits: Phyc0delic

#54 A Person I Know Posted Her Ultrasound Of Her Baby, It Is Genuinely Haunts Me

Image credits: mymumwontbehappy

#55 Taking A Lift In Gwangju, 1984

Image credits: Pennsylvasia

#56 This

Image credits: dirtylongs

#57 Paddleboarding With Jellyfish

Image credits: eudice

#58 What The Fuck Is That?

Image credits: LinkedPioneer

#59 So That’s That Huh?

Image credits:

#60 My Heart Rate Multiplies By Two Every Time I Look At This Oh My Fucking God

Image credits: YourSchoolsPrincipal

#61 Mom Is My Hero

Image credits: byrobot

#62 The Panorama Made This Cat Looks Like A Mouse

Image credits: l_ambert

#63 Insecure Load

Image credits: Grazenburg

#64 Kids In Vintage Ads

Image credits: Toadfresse99

#65 If You Have Coulrophobia (Fear Of Clown) This Picture Is A Nightmare

Image credits: StopChrist

#66 Wtf Is It Eating And Wtf Is It Out Of Its Cage?!?

Image credits: fwoggyboboggy

#67 River Dolphins

Image credits: nykaei

#68 Children’s Slide That Almost Goes Vertical

Image credits: slappy-go-lucky

#69 Something Unfortunate Waits Upstairs

Image credits: PaleUmbra

#70 I Do Not Like That At All

Image credits: LinkedPioneer

#71 This Weird Stuffed Animal That We Can’t Reach In My Friends Attic

Image credits: MemeMalone

#72 This Picture Straight Up Broke Me. I Spent 20 Minutes Straight Crying Laughing

Image credits: ThisIsMyAccount767

#73 I Sat On The Toilet, Closed The Door, And My 2yo Decided I Wasn’t Shitting Myself Fast Enough

Image credits: rigidmisfit

#74 I Was Told This Might Fit In Here. “I Loved My Mickey Nearly To Death For The Past 27 Years. Today I Got A New One. “

Image credits: CallJeef

#75 The Cats Remake Looks Terrible

Image credits: Anti-LockCakes

#76 Wedding Photo In Izu Island. Citizens Wear Gas Masks Due To The Large Amounts Of Sulfur In The Air

Image credits: GlamrockFredboy

#77 Kachow

Image credits: DickKickFlickMcNibba

#78 The Size Of This Stickbug

Image credits: XspeedyreadzX

#79 Fox

Image credits: YetiBomber101

#80 My Roommate’s Cat Was Being Cute In The Middle Of The Night So I Took A Picture With Flash And Saw This

Image credits: elliotgranath

#81 1960s Mobil Advertisement Warning Against Driving With Tension

Image credits: Winter-Coffin

#82 Decaying Great White Shark, Left To Rot At An Abandoned Wildlife Park In Melbourne

Image credits: TrashBastionMain

#83 “Hello, This Is Mark”

Image credits: MrSnootybooty

#84 Sitting Center Seat Next To A Serial Killer

Image credits: rodrigkn

#85 My Wife Told Me To Look Towards The Camera; So I Turned My Head

Image credits: willwork4U

#86 The Mist Anyone?

Image credits: anon

#87 Yeah, You Can Just Let Me Die

Image credits: TheLapisLord

#88 This Mildly Terrifying Tile I Found

Image credits: sunday_cumquat

#89 My Mother’s Fortune Cookie 40 Miles Away From Home

Image credits: vt8919

#90 Ok I’m Sorry I Can See How This Can Be Cute And All But… This Image Will Haunt My Nightmares

Image credits: dogpersonnamedkat

#91 My Local Wendy’s Sign

Image credits: MrScottimus

#92 This Button On My Bidet Remote That I Haven’t Dared To Push

Image credits: Johnny-Virgil

#93 I Thought A Person Was Glaring At Me Outside This House

Image credits: tonvlasman

#94 Crocodile Covered In Dry Mud

Image credits: DemonGodDragneel

#95 “Whimsical”

Image credits: mirandaleecon

#96 I Fired A Flashgun In My Mouth And Lit My Face From The Inside

Image credits:

#97 Dad, Today I Saw A Boy With No Eyes

Image credits: SaucyVagrant

#98 Fb Friend Thought A Hamster Yawning Was Cute

Image credits: okiupup

#99 4 Pm In Salem Oregon, No Filter

Image credits: jeetz1231

#100 Bee Close Up

Image credits: jwdepotter

#101 Escalator Without Covering

Image credits: fresh-pinecone

#102 The Pulp Of This Grapefruit

Image credits: graphicjam

#103 This Is At My School. A School

Image credits: OhReAlLyMyDuDe

#104 I Heard A Loud Pop Then A Few Seconds Later A Thud A Few Feet In Front Of Me While Out Walking Today

Image credits: homerjsimpson23

#105 When Mining And This Happens

Image credits: Ghandis_dog_groomer

#106 New Playground

Image credits: ashiruuu

#107 Cursed Dog

Image credits:

#108 My Friend Ordered A 30″ Stuffed Bear As A Christmas Present. It Came Vacuum-Packed For Transit And Was Rather Horrifying

Image credits: Communist_Tuna

#109 This Spider Looks Like It Has A Human Mask

Image credits: modus__ponens

#110 This Attempt At A Chia Pet

Image credits: postagestamp6

#111 My Neighbors Decorated For Halloween. I Can’t Imagine Anything More Terrifying

Image credits: crlove

#112 I Found This At A Playground. Terrifying As Heck

Image credits: DaanBaas77

#113 Creepy Cactus

Image credits: bf3247


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