Millennials Share 30 Things That Today’s Kids Have No Clue About, And They’ll Probably Make You Feel Ancient

Warning: the post below is likely to make you feel ancient. Like, fossil ancient. Read on at your own risk of burying hopes to stay a kid forever. Let this be a farewell to our inner Kevin McCallisters, since the last time we were home alone was two kids, a mortgage, and an infinite amount of Zoom meetings ago.

And my fellow millennials, things like burning CDs and MTV’s Pimp My Ride were things we proudly grew up with. But these days, Gen Zs clearly don’t know what floppy disks are for, or what hanging up the phone actually refers to… damn, everyone, are we really closer to boomers than we’d ever like to be?

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If any of these odd and wonderful items look familiar to you, it’s a sign that you probably belong to the millennial generation. It refers to individuals born from 1981 to 1996, which makes the youngest of them fully grown adults today.

And since an entire generation has grown up, the generational differences and quirks have became more apparent than ever. Especially that millennials stand between the generations of the past, like Generation X (born from 1965-1980) and baby boomers (born from 1946-1964), and the current generation of Gen Z. There are nearly 68 million Gen Z’s in the US and they’re currently between 6 and 24 years old.


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Millennials add up to the 2nd largest generation in the US electorate, states Pew Research Center. Hence, the entire generation has more political influence than you’d think.

The millennial generation “continues to shape the country’s politics given their Democratic leanings when compared with older generations.” Moreover, millennials are generally more educated than previous generations; however, this comes at a price, since “there’s a sharp economical divide between those with a college education and those without it,” states Pew Center.


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To compare with their predecessors, millennials tend to be more conscious about their health and general well-being. A 2013 Aetna poll showed that “baby boomers were likely to define ‘healthy’ as not falling sick.” Meanwhile, millennials consider healthy eating habits and physical activity as the definitions of healthy. That explains why we have seen such a rise in food preferences like vegan, gluten-free, organic, and other natural alternatives.


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