Milwaukee's Alternative Designs for Drill Dust Shrouds

Most power tool manufacturers you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t, offer some form of vacuum-connected dust collector for drilling. The lamprey-like devices use the vacuum’s suction to stick to a wall or ceiling, while a hole in the middle admits the bit.

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Milwaukee has two alternative takes on this device. Their Air-Tip Dust Collector has an open-shroud design, allowing it to work with both drills and saws.

Their crazy-looking SDS Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud is designed specifically for overhead work. The shroud can accommodate bits up to 8″ long, and compresses via spring as you increase the depth of drilling.

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The second device’s use case is an interesting design problem. I’d imagine the visibility is challenging, for one. And while the object has gotten some good reviews online, one reviewer points out a central design flaw that should have been revealed in user testing: “[The] product works as a design and does a good job catching the dust. Only problem, the first time your hot bit touches that thin plastic, it melts a hole right through it.”

Source: core77

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