Milwaukee's Innovative Portable Lighting Box

Milwaukee’s got an interesting design for portable lighting with their M18 Packout Light/Charger. To make it play nice with their Packout system of stacking toolboxes, they’ve opted for a boxy form factor that clicks in to the top half of any of the other Packout components.

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For maximum light options and flexibility, they’ve kitted it out with three independent LED panels—two smaller ones, one large one—that swing out and can be pivoted.

A compartment on one side of the box is where you plug one of their M18 batteries in; alternatively you can run an extension cord into it. A compartment on the other side features a USB port and a dust-free place to toss your phone into while it charges.

All three lights working together will provide a maximum of 3,000 lumens, which can be dialed down to 1,500 or 1,000. A topped-off battery will power all three lights for 4, 8 or 12 hours, respectively.

The unit runs $200 a pop, and it’s either a popular item or Milwaukee’s been hit with the same supply chain issues plaguing many industries; at press time, my local big box was limiting sales to 3 units per customer.

Source: core77

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