Mini kimonos and dresses with geek inspiration

Amanda Marin is a designer from the USA with a very particular niche. In her own words, her creations are “Easy cosplay alternatives for cute enthusiasts!”. As you can see, these adorable outfits are inspired in various fandoms and characters. Targeted mainly for otakus but suitable for any girl. This way they can embody their favorite male character, in a girly fashion.

Since she does all the work herself, she is in high demand and only opens certain dates to accept orders. To see more of her cute designs visit her website, DeviantArt, Facebook or Instagram.


darling dress darling17darling10darling20darling19darling14darling4darling1 darling18darling2 darling3 darling13 darling5 darling12darling7 darling8 darling16darling9  darling11    darling15



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