Minimal Animal Sculptures Form Playground, Bike Racks, Hangout Spot

The Stichting NDSM-werf Foundation is the name of an organization that promotes “the unique status of the shipyard (Amsterdam’s NDSM wharf) as a place of permanent temporality and creative experimentation: the indispensable cultural sanctuary for and from the city,” they write. Earlier this year, they issued an open call for artists and creatives with workspaces at the wharf to create a publicly-accessible art installation.

Winner of the €6,000 prize was toy designer Luca Bosca and steel fabricator Iwan Snel’s Animal Factory, a small group of charmingly gestural (and to scale) animal sculptures:

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Animal Factory is a collection of animals designed in a simple and abstract way, each preserving the exact size and proportions of the real animals. The objects – a giraffe, gorilla, crocodile and wolf – are characterized by a minimal shape, made of metal tubing and a minimal use of color: each one is painted in a single shade, encouraging passers-by to open their minds and let their imaginations run wild.”

“The structures of the different animals can represent a gigantic playground for children, an alternative tool for a work-out, a peculiar place to hang out, or even a bike rack.

“Due to the simplistic design and construction process, more animals can be imagined to join the herd.”

On that latter note, here’s Bosca’s sketches of all the proposed animals:

I’d like to see the walrus and the blue whale, in particular.

Though the style is different, these remind me a bit of Lee Sangsoo’s gestural sculptures.

Source: core77

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