Minimalist, Durable Outdoor Furniture: The Easy Aluminium System

The trend in outdoor furniture design, at least in the U.S., seems to be “Plastic things that look like wood.” In contrast Egli Studio, a Swiss ID firm, has created a much more appealing offering with their Easy Aluminium system of tables and benches:

The units ship flatpacked. Every component is made out of aluminum, and Egli Studio says the assembled system is “robust and durable.”

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The finished parts are anodized. The toothed connector “constitutes the basis of the system. [With the connector], the standard tubes used for the top and the feet can vary in dimensions to [define] various bench and table formats.”

“Production rationality, sustainable development and environmental responsibility are the basis of our ideas. Clear lines and simple design are our tools to make our projects understandable. Showing the value of materials and manufacturing processes through our products is the core of our reflection.”

Source: core77

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