Miss Universe 2022 National Costumes

The 2022 Miss Universe pageant was held last night in New Orleans. Miss USA, R’bonney Nola Gabriel, is the newly-crowned Miss Universe. She is the first Filipino-American to win Miss USA or Miss Universe. At 28, she is the oldest titleholder in the pageant’s history. Congratulations! But the part of the pageant that’s the most fun to see is the parade of national costumes. So let’s take a look.

We’ve seen Miss Ukraine’s costume before, but we didn’t know those wings moved!

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Miss Netherlands wore a stroopwafel for her national costume. The audience loved it. Click to the right on the image above to see all of the costume.

Miss Iceland wore a beautiful painted ball gown that was not the least bit outrageous, but she should get a special award for having the most awesome name of the pageant: Hrafnhildur Haraldsdóttir.

Hold up! Miss Guatemala’s name is Ivana Batchelor. Either that’s a stage name or her parents didn’t know what it would mean in English. She wore a costume so big it needs a scaffolding.

Miss USA shot for the moon, literally, carrying a moon, stars, and a flag, not to mention red, white, and blue LED lights. She seemed to have a little trouble walking in that costume. But we can let the outrageous costume slide, since she ultimately won the title of Miss Universe.

See a gallery of all 83 contestants in their national costumes at Buzzfeed.

Source: neatorama

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