Mockup to Market – Episode 2: Jimmy DiResta's Tips for Prototyping on the Cheap

Episode 2 of “Mockup to Market,” airs October 6 at 11AM EDT. Our five part webinar series, presented by Xometry and starring Jimmy Diresta, covers DIY product design and development from various angles, taking you through the process from start to launch.

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Last week was “Brainstorming & Inspiration;” in episode two we’re covering “Prototyping Tips.” Jimmy will discuss:

– Cheap, effective tools that are more important than fancy ones

– Why you don’t need a huge, well-stocked shop

– Ways to prototype even complicated forms by harnessing inexpensive goods from the environment

– Tips for designing a prototype that you’ll have to demonstrate in front of a client or partner

– When to, and when not to, 3D-print something

– When it’s better to wait before developing certain parts of your prototype

– When to use your eyes to solve a problem, rather than your wallet

– How Jimmy’s favorite $25 machine can be extremely useful and versatile

And of course, Jimmy will include plenty of his signature tips on using different tools and materials.

Episode 2, “Prototyping Tips,” airs Wednesday, October 6th at 11AM EST. If you tune in live, you’ll see the presentation (30-45 minutes) and will have the chance to participate in the live Q&A with Jimmy afterwards. (If you can’t make the live airing, you can also watch the video later if you’re signed up.)

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