Modern Design Meets Advanced Technology in the Revio HiFi Genome Sequencer

San Francisco-based design firm Whipsaw recently collaborated with Pacific BioSciences (PacBio) on the launch of Revio, a HiFi genomic sequencing system. In addition to a redesigned user interface and workflow improvements, the team at Whipsaw took inspiration from the precision and sophistication of the technology to create a bold and architectural design language for the unit using premium material finishes.

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The physical design includes a perfectly flush sliding glass door with an integrated display, a sports car inspired woven wire ventilation grill, intuitive physical and digital controls, and an elegant color palette using three shades of gray to help lighten what could be an imposing solid form. The result is a technological success with an elegant contemporary aesthetic.

When discussing their design process on the project, Whipsaw founder and CEO Dan Harden said “We identified and validated an opportunity to shift all set up steps and monitoring data off of the machine and over to the PacBio web application. These UX improvements allow researchers to spend less time in front of the machine and more time preparing samples and analyzing results.”

The Revio system is available to order now. The first systems will ship to customers in the first quarter of 2023.

Source: core77

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