Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet Called The “Worst Guest” Ever By Podcast Host

Eric Stonestreet, the actor who played the beloved role of Cameron Tucker on Modern Family, was accused by a podcast host of not being as delightful off-screen.

In a candid chat with Summer House star Paige DeSorbo on Amazon Live, podcaster Taylor Strecker called the 52-year-old actor the “worst guest” she has had on her podcast.

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During the June 25 conversation, the Taste of Taylor host, 41, said she would ask “pretty much any question,” and she didn’t hold back.

“Who is the worst guest you have ever had on your podcast?” Paige asked her during the show.

Eric Stonestreet was accused of being unpleasant by podcaster Taylor Strecker during an interview

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The podcaster went on to claim that Eric was her “worst guest” ever.

“He’s from Modern Family, and he’s like the chubby, jolly, sweet, funny one,” Strecker said, adding, “Could he be anything but? Nasty!”

She said she expected to discuss the iconic role he played on the hit ABC sitcom for 11 seasons. But to her surprise, the Emmy Award winner wanted to promote his partnership with Pepto-Bismol, an over-the-counter medication commonly used to treat digestive issues.

“I didn’t know!” said the podcast host. “So we’re talking, we’re talking. I’m like, you know, just being my adorable self. And he’s like, ‘So when are we gonna talk about Pepto-Bismol?’”

“I said, ‘I have hemorrhoids. I’m the queen of diarrhea. I love Pepto-Bismol! We can talk about whatever you want,’” she recalled. “And he said to me — and I quote — ‘Somebody didn’t do their homework.’”

Cam Tucker, the TV star’s character on Modern Family, is known for his lovable, outgoing personality and his comedic antics alongside his husband, Mitchell Pritchett, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Image credits: Peacock

Image credits: Peacock

The radio personality-turned-podcaster said she then “snapped,” as she was taken aback by his alleged behavior.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry. Am I getting paid by Pepto-Bismol? The answer is no. So that’s your job to figure out, not mine,’” she said.

Trying to make light of the situation, Paige joked: “We’re calling Sofia Vergara, and we’re getting to the bottom of it. I mean, it’s enough now.”

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Fans were sorely disappointed over Taylor’s revelation, with one saying, “This one hurts.”

“Nooooooo this and the comments are breaking my heart!” one fan lamented. “In my mind he was so kind and sweet. Obviously just a really good actor.”

The Taste of Taylor host said she “snapped” when the 52-year-old actor said to her, “Somebody didn’t do their homework”

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“People expect Cameron and meet Eric instead,” read a third comment.

Several fans came to the defense of the sitcom actor and said the Wake Up! with Taylor alum should have been more prepared.

“She was unprepared. He told her so. Nothing to see here. Literally,” read one comment, while another said, “He called her out for not knowing why he came on her show and she got mad about it. Sounds like he expected her to be a professional and she didn’t feel like it.”

“Nothing he said was nasty. She was unprepared and he jokingly called her out. Good for him,” said another.

“Don’t believe it,” another claimed. “He’s known to be one of the sweetest guys around.”

Meanwhile, others chimed in with their own encounters with Eric and seemed to agree.

“I have heard this from multiple friends in the industry!” one said.

Another wrote, “My dad has had some celebrity interactions due to his line of work, and the only celebrity he’s ever complained about was Eric stonestreet.”

“My parents met him and said that to!” wrote another.

Fans defended the actor, with one saying, “Nothing he said was nasty. She was unprepared and he jokingly called her out. Good for him”

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Born and raised in Kansas, Eric has previously acknowledged how his real-life personality is vastly different from the much-loved character he played on screen.

In a 2017 interview on The Dan Patrick Show, he admitted, “I didn’t realize how much I compete with the character that I play on TV. My character that I play on TV is really outgoing and fun. I’m not as outgoing and as fun.”

He further explained that this often leaves people puzzled when they meet him in person for the first time.

“When I meet people out on the street, in the beginning it used to be like, ‘Are you not feeling well? Is there something wrong with you?’ No, this is just my personality,” he continued.

He described himself as “way more low-key, deadpan, and sort of awkward, observational type thing.”

“I always feel like I register disappointment on people’s faces,” he joked about people’s reactions. “I don’t know how much that’s me. I always feel like, ‘Wow, I’m really disappointing people.’ But that’s just sort of my nature.”

“I would run into people and would definitely feel like they wished I was in character… or that character,” he admitted.

The Emmy-winning actor has admitted in the past that his real-life personality is “way more low-key, deadpan,” and starkly different from his character from the hit ABC sitcom

Image credits: Peacock

The acting skills of the Secret Life Of Pets star has rewarded him with awards as well as fans all over the world. But if his acting career hadn’t taken off, he said he had plans of being a prison warden.

“I’ve always been fascinated by crime and punishment,” he told Reuters in a 2010 interview. “Someday I hope to get to be in an organized crime movie.”

He also said he believed acting was all about doing exactly what is expected without trying to be the “star of a moment.”

“I remember Gene Hackman saying, ‘Your job in that position is to know your lines, hit your mark, be on time, and not screw anything up,’” he told the outlet. “I think some actors, we feel like we have to impress the producer and make a moment for our character. But the best thing you can do is just be a pro. That is way more appreciated and respected than trying to become the star of a moment.”

Some people agreed that it was unreasonable to expect an actor to have the same personality as their character

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