Modular Canine Helmets for Active-Duty Dogs

There’s at least 45 countries around the world that supplement their military, Search-and-Rescue, and/or police forces with canines.

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I know this because Dark Systems, “the world leader in K9 helmets,” says those 45 countries are their customers.

Here’s their DarkFighter K9 Helmet, currently in its 4th generation.

The modular helmet system features goggles that offer a wide field of vision and protect against dust and wind (for paratrooper dogs).

For dogs going into noisy situations, hearing protectors can be attached. There’s also a speaker option, which permits the handler to communicate to the dog.

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The tops of the headgear can take accessories like lights…

…and cameras.

Handlers can see what the dogs see, hear what they hear and offer verbal instructions to the dog, via this optional controller.

Muzzles and snout-protectors can also be fitted to the headgear.

Everything in the system is designed to be as lightweight as possible. “We have taken a significant leap forward in delivering helmets that not only protect our end-users, but also enhance their operational capabilities,” the company writes in a press release. “Every gram counts when it comes to the gear our K9s carry.”

Source: core77

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