Modular Solution Keeps Glassware and Plates from Rattling Around in a Moving Vehicle

Another #vanlife UX problem tackled by German manufacturer Froli. Space is tight when you’re living in a camper, and your cupboard has to be as compact as possible. But putting glassware together in a jostling vehicle presents problems: At best there’s an annoying and constant clinking, at worst there’s breakage.

Froli’s solution is the All-Purpose Holder, a series of repeating shapes made from 95% bio-based plastic (that are 100% recyclable).

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A kit comes with 16 of them, which can be joined by inserting the toothed tabs into the slots of their neighbors; the tabs can also easily be snapped off, for pieces that wind up at the ends of your grid.

They can also be stacked to accommodate taller items.

Here’s how it goes together, if it’s not obvious from the stills:

So that handles glassware; but what about plates, you say? They’ve got you covered with this Plate Clamp that screws into the wall:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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