Mom Expects People To Switch Seats With Her On A Flight Because She Is Pregnant And Has A Kid

Depending on where you’re flying to, air travel can be extremely exciting or overwhelmingly stressful. And especially when traveling with little ones, it’s important to have all your ducks in a row to ensure the journey goes as smoothly as possible. 

One mom recently posted on Mumsnet seeking advice on whether or not it’s fair to expect other passengers to swap seats on a plane to accommodate her family, and the internet was quick to give her a reality check. Below, you’ll find the full story, as well as some of the replies readers left. 

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This mom wasn’t able to book the seats that her family wanted for an upcoming flight

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But when she shared her plans to rely on other passengers accommodating them, the internet had plenty to say

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It’s wise to book early if you want to have specific seats on a flight

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When going on vacation, a flight might seem like a necessary part of the journey to get your adventure started. But it can also be one of the most dreaded aspects of the whole trip. Getting the entire family to the airport on time with everything they need and without anyone having a meltdown can feel like a miracle. But it seems like no matter how hard you try to handle all of the details of the journey, something will go wrong.

In this case, the family didn’t manage to book their flights early enough to get the seats they wanted. When it comes to booking flights in general, Travel + Leisure recommends that travelers buy tickets three to seven months in advance for domestic travel and four to ten months ahead of time when traveling internationally. And if it’s important to have a specific seat, you might have to pay a little extra when booking.

According to MoneySavingExpert, a family of four can easily spend over $300 making sure that they’re all seated together when flying. Many airlines do try to keep parties together, especially if they book flights early and check in as soon as possible before the journey, but it’s a risk. An entire family may not be seated together, but airlines like British Airways, American Airlines, KLM, Air France and more have specific guarantees that children will be seated next to at least one of the adults in their party on flights.

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Many passengers don’t mind swapping seats, but it depends on the situation

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While it’s understandable to not want to pay extra when booking flights, it’s important to remember that if you didn’t pay for a specific seat, you have no right to complain. It doesn’t hurt to ask another passenger if they’d be willing to swap seats, but they have every right to say no if they’re not interested in moving. A Kayak survey about airplane etiquette found that 54% of travelers have no problem with someone asking them to switch seats if they ask politely.

However, it depends on why you want to sit somewhere else too. 64% of travelers don’t think it’s appropriate to change seats just because you’re a nervous traveler, and 77% will refuse to move if someone wants to swap seats just because they don’t like theirs. And according to Carla Bevins, who teaches business management communication at Carnegie Mellon University, there are certain situations where swapping seats is inappropriate.

Bevins told USA Today that if you’re seated in an exit row, sitting in a different class than the person you’re asking to move or if the fasten seat belts sign is illuminated, don’t even try. Moving around on the plane can also make flight attendants’ jobs more complicated. For example, if someone has an allergy, a specific meal request or mobility issues that require assistance when deplaning, it can be confusing when passengers have moved around.

No one should feel entitled to a seat that they didn’t pay for

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There’s nothing wrong with swapping seats with someone who doesn’t mind moving, but it can become an issue when passengers feel entitled to seats that others have booked. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for parents to be entitled in public spaces, whether they think they should be able to clear an entire park or cut in line at the store because their kids are becoming tired. But the internet is always quick to call out this kind of behavior.

Unfortunately, something happens in some moms and dads when they become parents that makes them feel like they’re entitled to special treatment everywhere they go. Maybe it’s because they love their children so much that they assume they deserve the world, but it’s important to raise kids that are grounded and understand the meaning of the word “no.” 

Huffpost warns that being raised by an entitled parent can create a host of issues for kids. They might become entitled themselves, and they might have trouble dealing with adversity. Even as adults, they may grow up to have an inferiority complex, struggle with employment and/or struggle in relationships. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, pandas. Do you think this mother was being unreasonable by expecting fellow passengers to move for her? Feel free to share, and then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring seat swapping drama, look no further than right here!

Many readers told the mom that expecting other passengers to move would be unreasonable

However, some said that it’s okay to ask, as long as she’s prepared to hear no

A small minority thought that swapping seats shouldn’t be a problem at all

And others shared some of their own experiences with unreasonable parents that they were reminded of

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