Mom Goes After Wedding Guest After They Tell Her To Quiet Toddler’s Tablet Down

Kids are kids: they’ll copy whatever the people around them do. So, if you want your munchkins to be well-behaved, you need to set a good example. It’s one thing to keep your kids busy with screens from time to time. It’s another thing entirely if that’s your go-to solution in every situation.

One anonymous wedding guest sparked a heated discussion on the AITA subreddit after wondering if they were wrong for calling out a mom whose toddler was watching a video very loudly during the speeches. Read on for the full story, as well as to see whose side the internet was on.

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There are certain moments during the wedding and reception when you want everyone to hear what’s happening

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One guest asked the internet for advice after subtly calling out a parent whose kid was watching a loud video during the speeches

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There are lots of ways the parent could have solved the issue instead of getting angry

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It is common sense and basic courtesy not to disrupt a wedding. Nobody should be talking, shouting, or watching videos during the ceremony, the speeches, or any other moment that requires silence. It’s disrespectful. However, common sense isn’t all that common.

Of course, most kids don’t have enough self-awareness to understand what’s socially acceptable and what’s not. Therefore, it falls to their parents to talk to them if their behavior gets too out of hand.

To put it bluntly, no parent should let their kid watch loud videos during the most important moments of the wedding. We get it, parenting is hard. And your kid’s cranky and noisy sometimes. A tablet or a phone can help distract them. But if your goal is to cause as little disruption as possible, why would you not mute the video? Or, you know, headphones also exist!

Probably nobody enjoys being criticized for how they parent, but in some cases, an outsider’s perspective can be useful. If you’re genuinely not aware that your or your munchkin’s antics are making things worse for the other guests, anger isn’t really the right reaction. If the criticism is warranted (and delivered well!), thank them, make the adjustments, and carry on with your day.

A bit of self-awareness, perspective, and empathy go a long way

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The happy couple shouldn’t have to be the ones to deal with disruptive guests. They have enough on their plate already. And they deserve to celebrate their Big Day in peace without worrying about a hundred little details. So, if you’re a close friend or an organizer, you could step in and politely ask someone to keep it down.

You can start things off friendly and diplomatic. But if they continue being a nuisance, you might have to politely ask them to step out for a few minutes.

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It’s natural that kids are going to be kids and cause a bit of a ruckus. But that doesn’t mean that they’re free to go wild and do whatever they please. The happy couple can always hire a babysitter to look after the children while their parents are then left free to spend a bit of time away from their parental duties. Parents aren’t just parents, after all.

Alternatively, child-free weddings are pretty popular these days, too. That way, you’ll only have to worry about the adults!

Most internet users thought the author was in the right. Here are their thoughts on what happened

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