Mom Who Worked In Childcare Claims She Would Never Put Her Daughter In Daycare, Explains Why

A mom has just gone viral on TikTok after she revealed she used to work in a daycare where hugging children was considered abuse. The woman went on to explain that it’s actually one of the reasons why she won’t work and look after her daughter at home instead.

Other motives included subpar food menus and overall strict guidelines that prevent kids from being, well, kids.

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The woman added that she could go on about these things but chose not to. However, as her clip gained more and more views, people in the comments took it upon themselves to expand on this important topic.

When the woman saw that the discussion wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, she released a follow-up video.

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Image credits: olddavenportfam

Image credits: olddavenportfam

Last month, the U.S. Department of Treasury sent a pretty similar message. It determined that the nation’s childcare system is “unworkable,” saying it is plagued by market failures that put quality care out of reach for many families.

In one of its reports, Treasury details the struggle many parents face to afford childcare, especially as bills pile up before their peak earning years. Additionally, Treasury found that many industry workers are paid low wages, suffer high turnover, and face discrimination.

Treasury is making the case for federal government support for paid family leave, universal preschool, and significant tax credits for parents and dependent care as Democrats in Congress work to write a social-spending bill that could total $3.5 trillion.

“Having a well-functioning childcare sector is good for working families. It’s good for children. I would also emphasize it’s good for the rest of us,” Catherine Wolfram, Treasury’s acting assistant secretary for economic policy, said. “It’s critical to a well-functioning economy.”

The video has been viewed over a million times

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And the mom eventually released a follow-up

Image credits: olddavenportfam

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Image credits: olddavenportfam

No wonder these TikToks have resonated with the public so much. Earlier this year, a national panel survey of 2,500 working parents, found that nearly 20% of working parents had to either quit or reduce their hours solely due to a lack of childcare.

Only 30% of all working parents had any form of backup childcare, and there were significant disparities between low and high-income households.

The survey revealed that 26% of women who became unemployed during the pandemic said it was due to a lack of childcare.

Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the dire problem for women in The Washington Post, claiming that the economy cannot fully recover unless women fully participate. She said that “without affordable and accessible child care, working mothers are forced to make an unfair choice.”

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The TikToker continued to share her thoughts in the comment sections under her videos

And the discussion quickly spread to other platforms as well

Parents and industry workers have been expressing similar concerns for quite some time now

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