Moms Are Sharing Their Pregnancy Brain Farts, And They’re Hilarious (85 Pics)

There are brain fog and brain fart, the first being not as serious as the medically recognized second. Both happen to people one day or another. Pregnant women, however, tend to suffer from something else. Baby brain.

The term refers to memory errors, poor concentration, and absent-mindedness reported by many women during pregnancy and early motherhood. We’re talking forgetting what company you work for when talking to a client, pouring chicken broth into your smoothie instead of almond milk… You know, the good stuff. Even though research on the existence of baby brain is mixed, take a look at some of the stuff pregnant women and their partners post and be the judge on that yourself.

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#2 Pregnancy Brain

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#5 Pregnancy Brain

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#7 Sent The Kid To School In Full Costume Just To Find Out I Not Only Had Wrong Day, But Wrong Week

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#8 Pregnancy Brain

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#9 #pregnancybrain

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#10 Pregnancy Brain

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#11 Looking All Over The House For A Good While……and Freaking Out Since Already Running Late….finally Found My Damn Keys! Common Side Effect Of Parenting While Pregnant

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#12 Preggo Brain Exhibit A. Be Sure To Actually Put The Coffee That You Just Ground Up Into The Coffee Maker. Okay. Let’s Try This Again Hahahah .

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#13 “Honey I Left Your Dinner In The Microwave” And They Say Pregnancy Brain Isn’t A Thing

Image credits: MdrnUs3r20

#14 I Thought Pregnancy Brain Was Fake. It’s Not. To Make Scrambled Eggs This Morning, I Cracked One Egg In A Bowl And The Other On A Plate

Image credits: chels_woody

#15 Instead Of Drinking Water I Just Drank Baby Oil

Image credits: Supriya Salvi

#16 So This Totally Happened This Morning, Got To Work With Two Different Shoes On!

Image credits: mlbowen7

#17 Pregro Brain Strikes Again. This Is What Happens When You Forget To Put Eggs In Your Waffle Batter Ooopsy. I Swear These Days My Brain Is Mush.

Image credits: tsa_hard

#18 When You Put Laundry Detergent In The Fridge

Image credits: alwayschasingmychase

#19 Preggo Brain At Its Finest. Opened My Front Door This Morning To Find These In It!

Image credits: _trishee_

#20 When You Get To Your Destination And Realise You Forgot To Take Your Slippers Off

Image credits: jess_rhoads

#21 That Moment You Realize You’re So Tired You Put Your Pants On Backwards Hahaha!

Image credits: mrs.jensen11.6.14

#22 Great Way To Start Off The Morning $&@?!,&:!

Image credits: alittlefancymom

#23 Let’s Say I “Hypothetically” Forgot To Take A Pyrex Lid Out Of The Oven Before I Preheat It And It “Hypothetically” Melted. What Would Be The Best Way To Get The Plastic Off The Hypothetical Oven Rack? Or Would One Need To Just Throw The Whole Damn Oven Out?

Image credits: amy_kl_scheerer

#24 My Pregnancy Brain Is Going To Kill Me. I Just Cooked Air For 2 Minutes Because Of Where I Put My Taquitos. Now My Microwave Won’t Turn On.

Image credits: BurntMomWarfare

#25 My Cousin’s Pregnancy Brain In Action.

Image credits: chitobandito

#26 Apple Cinnamon Cake Fail …this Is The Result Of 12x’s The Amount Of Baking Powder And Baking Soda!! In All Fairness, It Didn’t Taste Half Bad!! It Literally Popped & Deflated

Image credits: melissafe.vii

#27 Technically This Conversation With My Husband Happened Yesterday, But I Swear It Feels Like I Have A Similar One With Him Everyday.

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#29 You May Have Pregnancy Brain If You Pull Out Your Pulse Oximeter To Try To Unlock Your Car

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#30 Wtf Do I Mean By “Apple Cheese”?!?! Someone Interpret My Shopping List Please!!!

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#31 Pregnancy Brain

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#32 You Know You’ve Entered The Final Weeks Of Pregnancy When The Lawn Guy Never Gets Paid But You Know You Sent The Check

Image credits: eileen_pit

#33 You Know You Have Pregnancy Brain When You Pull The Butter Back Out And Find This! Lol I Don’t Even Know How I Am Able To Live Day To Day Anymore! Lol

Image credits: heather_tuckera

#34 Almost Had A “Mrs.williams” Kind Of Day, Can’t Find My Spectacles Either!

Image credits: megboyer7

#35 This Is How My Day Has Been So Far. How’s Yours?

Image credits: nicoleleenichols

#36 It’s Amazing What I Saw Once I Looked Over My Baby Bump This Morning! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️no One Even Said Anything To Me At My Docs Appt This Morning

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#37 Pregnancy Brain

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#38 Pregnancy Brain

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#39 Hazel And Lennox Look What You Did To Your Mama! This Isn’t Normal!!! All Day I Was Inside Out!! Pregnancy Brain Controlling My Life!! Thank You, Christine For Letting Me Know And Snapping A Memorable Picture!

Image credits: randi_blair

#40 Meant To Go To Walmart And Found Myself In Rosas Drive Thru Line. Lil’ Freaked Out

Image credits: abbylhaggard

#41 #pregnancybrain

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#42 The Struggle Is Real Ya’ll

Image credits: sugar_n_sp1c3

#43 Baby Brain Is A Real Thing!!!!

Image credits: rachycurtis

#44 Opened The Fridge To Find This. It’s Been Hours. Thank You, Pregnancy, For Making Me Brain-Dead.

Image credits: ascot69

#45 So This Happened…

Image credits: bmankelow2

#46 Hat Moment You Realize You Got Distracted And Forgot You Were Playing Hide And Seek And Your 2 Yr Old Has Been Hiding For About 20 Minutes ? ….she Never Moved Lol

Image credits: _the_clean_life_

#47 When You’ve Been Searching Your House For Two Days For Your Lavender Oil And It’s Been On Your Bathroom Shelf The Whole Time. Pregnancy Brain Really Might Be The End Of Me Lol.

Image credits: kayleesoiljourney

#48 Pregnancy Brain Is So Real. My Daughters Daycare Lady Sent Me This. I’m So Embarrassed ?

Image credits: Stacieinhorrorland

#49 I’m Not Saying That She Has Pregnancy Brain. I Mean It’s Also Possible That She Made Chocolate Waffles. Either Way It Smells Like A Delicious Campfire In Our Kitchen

Image credits: mrjeriel

#50 His Pregnancy Brain Is Really Starting To Be A Pain In The

Image credits: repunzil32

#51 Soooooo.. I May Or May Not Of Forgotten Domino Outside Today. I Haven’t Been Feeling The Best & Napped For A Good Hour Or So. Todd Got Home & Asked Where She Was. And This Is Where I Found Her.

Image credits: mrs.gustafs

#52 When Your Prego Brain Thinks You’re Pouring Ginger Ale…

Image credits: kristinarienzi

#53 Is Morning As I Was Looking In The Fridge For Milk And Couldn’t Find It, Rod Gave Me A Second Set Of Eyes. Both Of Us Were So Confused As To Were It Went Since I Had Some As Snack Before Bed Last Night. Then I Remembered, I Drank It Out Of A Wine Glass (It Makes Me Feel Fancy), And I’ve Been Putting Items In The Wrong Cabinet Lately. Previously With Other Items I Caught And Corrected It, But Last Night #pregobrain Won. Poor Rod Had To Go Buy More Milk This Morning! Thank God For That Man!

Image credits: smarstell

#54 I Usually Do Pretty Good When I Shop Our Groceries Online. This Time I Did It Half Asleep… We’ll Have Enough Coffee For One Day And Tortillas For Months.

Image credits: kaylabdowney

#55 A Late Night Shakeology Craving Turned Into A Reallllly Big Disaster ????!! I Don’t Know What I’m More Upset About— The Fact That I Have A Huuuuge Mess To Clean Up Or The Fact That I Wasted My Shakeo ??!! Lesson Learned… For The Hundredth Time— Triple.. No… Quadruple Check The Blender Cover

Image credits: jenngrayda

#56 My 39-Week Pregnant Wife Went To The Store To “Get Stuff For Dinner”. This Is What She Came Home With

Image credits: w3rewulf

#57 This Week Leah Meant To Put Deli Meat In The Fridge And Hours Later Her Husband Found It In The Microwave

Image credits: midwest_mamas

#58 N Case Anyone Is Wondering I Am Walked An Opened Tub Of Butter To The Garage And Put It On The Passenger Seat Instead Of In The Refrigerator Weeks Pregnant ????‍♀️??‍♀️. Pregnancy Brain Is Real My Friends. Check On Dane And Dayton Between Now And April Because I Am Worried For Them ???

Image credits: mindi_petersen

#59 Pregnancy Brain. Didn’t Notice Until I Sat Down…

Image credits: qwertyz13

#60 Watching The 3rd Period Of The Kings’ Game We Recorded Last Night Before Going To Sleep. The Kings’ Scored Their 4th Goal And I See A Ton Of Fans Along The Glass Celebrating. So Surprised I Text The Hubby. ???? I Have Two Brains In My Body Right Now And Never Felt More Dumb!!! I Better Just Go To Bed.

Image credits: lorimon28

#61 So Glad My Oatmeal Is Keeping Cool. Pregnancy Brain… Totally Put It In There And Didn’t Realize That Until I Went To Make Lunch Just Now

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#62 Pregnancy Brain

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#63 Talk About Prego Brain. I Was Rushing To The Post Office And I Didn’t Bother To Look Down

Image credits: ms_tiniposh

#64 Well Baby Girl Is Head Down Ready To Go And Clearly My Brain Is Ready To Be Done Too

Image credits: motherhoodunmastered

#65 O We Went Out For Coffee & Beer With A Bunch Of People Last Night. I Spent The Whole Night With Mismatching Shoes On. Had No Clue. Can’t See My Feet Anyway. Not Until We Were Leaving Did @joshmosh Say “I Think I Should Tell You Something But I Don’t Want To Make You Sad” ??‍♀️ I Mean At Least They’re The Same Style Of Shoe? Blah.

Image credits: adoramae

#66 One Day Last Week, I Opened The Pantry To Make Dinner And Found This

I am not naming any names… I will just say that apparently pregnancy brain can strike anyone in the household.

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#67 Pregnancy Brain

Image credits: casey187

#68 Who Forgot Their Shoes After Their Appointment?

Image credits: ogdennursemidwives

#69 Clearly. I. Do. Not. Know. How. To. Use. A. Freaking. Can-Opener

Image credits: diana_denham93

#70 Pregnancy Brain Is Real. At Least Hubby Is Supportive.

Image credits: frogswife

#71 More DIY Plumbing Adventures At The Craig House.

I decided to hard boil (steam?) several eggs in the instant pot this morning and without thinking (#pregnancybrain) put all the eggshells down the garbage disposal which of course clogged. We tried a few tricks (baking soda+vinegar+boiling water, etc). I could feel in the pipes exactly where the clog was based on the boiling water so I decided to take them apart. Well… The picture tells the rest of the story. No more clog and Imma go take a shower now.
PS: yes, it is my due date for those wondering and clearly Moira is not ready to make her debut.

Image credits: jessicatowncraig

#72 Tried To Crochet My Daughter A Fish. My Pregnant Brain Thought It Was Nice

Image credits: Iwant2talkplease

#73 I Have Such Sever #pregobrain That If I Didn’t Take #lunchbox Pictures I Would Forget What To Pack. I Totally Reference These The Next Day. I’m Trying Out Ham For The Toddler And Craizens And Dried Bananas But The 1st Grader Told Me To Take The Dried Fruit Out Because It’s Gross.

Image credits: awesome.the.sauce

#74 Atleast I Can Laugh At Myself! Miss Rosalie Has My Brain Acting Crazy

Image credits: ekmcdonald

#75 #pregnancybrain

Image credits: MadWomanJocelyn

#76 #pregnancybrain

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#77 Won “Roll Up The Rim To Win” And Guess What I Did With It? Threw It In The Damn Garbage By Mistake. I Wanted That Donut

Image credits: dandilolo

#78 If Anyone Wants To Know How The End Of Pregnancy Is Going

I literally made it all the way to baseball, sat through practice, and (almost) made it home before I noticed this.

Image credits: katiecportz

#79 I Unlocked My Door With My Arms Full With The Intent Of Coming Back To Get My Keys Out Of The Door Once I Put My Stuff Down

Well 3 hours later after our March is Reading Month kickoff assembly I noticed my keys sticking out of the doorknob! Whoops!

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#80 #longworkweek #didntevennotice #differentshoes #motherhood #properparenting #prego #pregobrain

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#81 Pregnancy Brain

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#82 God, I’ve Really Let Myself Go

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#83 #pregnancybrain

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#84 Not A Good Shirt To Wear With Pregnancy Brain. I Almost Peed Myself When I Looked In The Mirror.

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#85 Pregnancy Brain

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