Monchi: A Snack Container Designed to Let You Eat Without Touching

I thought that Snactiv, a pair of wearable chopsticks that let you eat messy snacks while keeping your fingers clean enough to type, were ridiculous. But they were successfully Kickstarted with $41,700 in funding.

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Now there’s another eat-without-touching gizmo on the crowdfunding market: Monchi, “a handy snackbox for mess-free munching.”

The product page says the silicone and polypropylene product is leakproof…

…and compresses so that you can easily reach the bottom.

As with the Snactiv, I find the product absurd but also cannot deny the utility in certain situations. And I imagine parents of young children might find this attractive.

In any case, it’s happening. The Monchi was successfully Kickstarted, and at press time there was three days left to pledge. The $18 objects are supposed to ship in April of 2022.

Source: core77

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