Monoware, A New Line Of Timeless Tableware

Let’s get real, minimalistic furniture and housewares never get old. Well, unless you’re not a fan of minimalism, then maybe those kinds of housewares will be tiring to look at. However, if you’re like me, a big fan of simple and minimalistic items, this new tableware line will pique your interest: 

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The Monoware launch collection features dining staples such as plates, bowls and mugs, as well as serving platters and pitchers, with reduced silhouettes and a palette of earthy tones, from chalk to slate. The debut pieces were created in collaboration with ceramicist Ian McIntyre. ‘What appealed to me in Ian’s work is the way he mixes industrial design and traditional craft skills,’ explains Baer, who was particularly attracted by the ceramicist’s extensive experience with stoneware. The plates’ design was carefully considered, and each piece was crafted in high-quality materials (’We’ve perfected the plates, so you can bring the party’, reads Baer’s mission statement.)

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Source: neatorama

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