Monster Bug Wars!

Yet another (!) of my guilty pleasures is to go to the Monster Bug Wars! Channel on YouTube and view the battle-to-the-death de jour – and there are plenty to choose from, believe me. This channel began in 2011 and the content is spectacular if gruesomely detailed. The photography is amazing, the narration is top-drawer, and a couple of PhD entomologists provide running commentary. The only fault I find is the sound effects – they are for drama and not realism.

There are any number of matchups, kind of like the old Celebrity Deathmatch, for there is always a winner, and there is no second-place. Watching bugs battle and being eaten alive may not be your idea of a good time, but it is morbidly fascinating and I am about 50-50 in picking winners (hint; don’t bet against the jungle centipede). Below I have embedded a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. The kids will love ’em and may be able to base their science project (remember those?) on them. However, they are not for the squeamish. You have been warned.

Death at Midnight (premier episode)

Blood on the Forest Floor

Tiger Assassin Bug vs Silverback Cross Spider

Source: neatorama

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