More Crazy-Ass European Lawn Mowers That Can Cut Wet Grass

The post we did on French company Estesia’s special riding mowers is doing bonkers traffic. I guess a lot of people are looking for a machine that can cut wet grass.

Reader and industrial designer Niklas Ytterström, who hails from Sweden, wrote in to let us know there’s another company on that side of the Atlantic who makes a similarly-designed machine. “I would recommend Gianni Ferrari, especially with the mid-wheel steering,” Ytterström writes. “I used to work at the local cemetery during summers in my early teens here in Sweden and it was very capable around the tombstones.”

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I’m digging the knob on the steering wheels

I had never heard of this company, because we can’t have nice things in America. So I checked out their residential mowers and see they do indeed have the same weird-to-Yanks wedge-shaped form factor and rear ejection, with no chute to clog.

Like the Estesia models, they’re also eerily narrow, in keeping with European domestic proportions. (In contrast every gate on our property has to accommodate a 54″ deck, or that area ain’t getting mowed.)

It does occur to me now, looking the design of both the Estesia and the Gianni Ferrari decks, that the blades must rotate in opposite directions in order to centralize the ejection, meaning the blades are mirror images of each other:

Notice the blades are “floating!”

So you’d have to pay a little more attention when reinstalling the blades or ordering new ones (unless the bevels are ground on both sides and you can flip them). But I’d happily put up with that hassle for the ability to mow grass when it’s wet.

I also made the mistake of looking at Gianni Ferrari’s top-of-the-line unit, the beastly Turbo line for professional landscapers, and now I am filled with envy.

Not only can you order one with a suh-weet enclosed cab…

…but check out how these things unload:

I don’t care how tall your neighbor’s fence is—you could totally dump your clippings into his lawn. (Though I’m guessing they don’t do such things in Sweden.)

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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