Morgen Van Vorst Photography

Photographs from the series “Approach of the Horizon” by Morgen Van Vorst.

Currently based in Boston where she’s pursuing her MFA in photography, Morgen Van Vorst’s body of work is full of diversity, little details, and visual explorations of unsettled environment. Before she has increasingly turned to photography, Morgen Van Vorst received a BA in English and Anthropology from Mount Holyoke College. Inspired by her own childhood, the series “Approach of the Horizon” follows a young girl’s growth and exploration of an environment far away from our modern society, deep in the forests. Partly real and partly fictional, the series is masterfully juxtaposing current circumstances and transformations into an uncertain future. As a means of ambiguity, Morgen Van Vorst uses different effects such as double exposure photography or close ups that create an almost abstract atmosphere. The images appear like a tribute to an environment that is beautiful and somehow eerie at the same time.

Some images of the series “Approach of the Horizon” can be found below. For more, please visit her website:

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Morgen Van Vorst, Double exposure.
Double exposure photography.
Morgen Van Vorst photography.
Morgen Van Vorst photography.
Morgen Van Vorst, double layered effect.
Just like a double layered effect.
Morgen Van Vorst, Approach of the horizon.
Approach of the horizon.
Morgen Van Vorst, Fire in the dark.
A fire in the dark.
Morgen Van Vorst, Deer
Morgen Van Vorst, Red Wing.
Red Wing
Morgen Van Vorst, Dark woods.
Into the Dark woods.

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