Mother Calls Son ‘Misogynistic’ For His Brief Disappointment After His Fourth Daughter’s Birth

Should we be honest about our feelings or should we do our best to hide them so that we don’t offend anyone at all? It’s a question that many people constantly ask themselves and there’s really no easy answer. It’s best to strike a balance between honesty and keeping up appearances. However, it’s a difficult task because you might accidentally hurt someone you love either way. And you never know how someone might react to the truth.

36-year-old Michael, aka redditor Throwaway168900, turned to the AITA community on Reddit for advice because he was feeling guilty about having shared his honest feelings about his fourth daughter’s birth.

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You see, Michael had hopes that his latest newborn would be a boy. He opened up about this to his wife after she asked him why he felt sad. Though, keep in mind, the dad is over the moon and thoroughly happy about his fourth child. It’s just that he had a moment of complete honesty.

However, when his mother found out, she accused him of having a misogynistic mindset. You’ll find the full story below, dear Pandas. Have a read and let us know what you think of the entire situation and if honesty is always the best policy. While most reddit users thought that the dad didn’t do anything wrong, others had a very different opinion.

A dad shared that he felt disappointed for a moment when he realized that his fourth child was another girl, not a boy

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He went into detail about what happened and how his wife and mother reacted to his honest feelings

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Image credits: throwaway168900

The Atlantic notes that even though American parents used to have a strong preference for boys, there’s been a shift indicating that more parents now hope to have a girl. However, on the whole, dads tend to want to have sons and moms tend to want to have daughters.

In Michael’s own words, his disappointment “lasted a second if that” and quickly disappeared after he held his newborn daughter in his hands. The sadness was fleeting, but it was also an honest reaction. And I personally don’t think that we can fault anyone for being candid. Especially if your loved one asks you to open up to them.

The redditor added that his wife wasn’t mad at him about wanting a son. She said that she wants to have a boy sometime in the future as well. So the couple seems to be in sync.

What’s more, Michael noted that his own father “was very sexist and abusive” toward him and his entire family, so it’s understandable that his mother “gets a bit sensitive in these issues.”

The vast majority of redditors noted that Michael wasn’t a jerk. According to them, he was simply being honest, he absolutely loves his kids, and he has the emotional intelligence to question whether or not he was right.

Alas, some redditors weren’t as kind and thought that Michael’s mother was right on the money with her verdict. But what do you think, dear Pandas? Share your thoughts and insights in the comment section.

Reddit was split on how to react. Most users thought that loving dad Michael didn’t do anything wrong, though

However, others were much harsher. They believe that the father was a jerk for having wanted a son

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