Mousesports Branding by EIGA

Take a look at this rebranding project by studio EIGA for Mousesports.

After almost 20 successful years in the e-sports industry, German high-performance club Mousesports commissioned studio EIGA to work on a new visual identity that lifts the brand up into a new era. EIGA’s creative team developed a completely new brand strategy based on eye-catching new visuals. They also changed the brand name from Mousesports to MOUZ, which was a major step in the rebranding process. The newly designed MOUZ badge is based on a heart-shaped emblem combining the face of a mouse and the letter M. The overall design conveys a bold visual experience. Below you can see a few images. For more, please take a look at EIGA’s website.

Mousesports branding by EIGA
Mousesports branding by EIGA
Mousesports branding by EIGA
Mousesports branding by EIGA

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