Movisi's Lego-like, Lightweight Modular Furniture

German manufacturer Movisi (pronounced “move easy”) has created a lightweight and modular furniture system called Grow. The system is based around a single component that the user can attach to others via tool-free connectors; they can then build them out, like Legos, into seating, storage or room-dividing units.

The modules are also exceptionally lightweight, being made from expanded polypropylene, which is technically a foam but confers the performance characteristics of plastic: They’re sturdy, impact-resistant, antibacterial and waterproof. And each module weighs just 10 ounces (the team reckons that the pieces are 95% air by volume).

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Here’s a look at the system:


And here’s how the modules work:


Movisi is currently running an IndieGogo campaign to fund the tooling. Their funding target is €25,000, and at press time they were a little over halfway there with €14,332 in pledges and a month left in the campaign.

Source: core77

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