MR. T vs MR. ROGERS – Epic Rap Drawings of History!!!!

Epic Rap Battles of History!!!! Mr. T vs Mr. ROGERS fan art! Time lapse style!

So, I do costumes for this video series called Epic Rap Battles of History. And I’ve been wanting to do some fan art for a while now. Finally got a little extra time to do it!

Check out the og video MR. T vs MR. ROGERS:
And the behind the scenes footage:
(I didn’t make it into this bts vid. Too busy crying over last minute costume issues.)
(Do you know how hard it is to find a cardigan that ZIPS UP?! They don’t exist in this fashion decade!!! WTF!!!!!)
(Not even Goodwill or Salvation Army had one. Trust me. I looked.)
(But I got a lot of last minute help from @ohyeahmorgan with the costumes. Look him up, fool!

Anyway, this drawing is available if you want it! Cool thing is, Nice Peter and DeStorm signed the front of it too. I’m putting it up for auction on ebay. You can find it here:

Hope you liked the bonus video. Another one is coming out on Monday, as scheduled. The hard part is deciding what suggestion to use. There’s a lotta great ones out there, so thanks for being awesome and hilarious!




Mary Gutfleisch
P.O. box 341915 Motor Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

MEDIUM: Watercolor & Ink
SIZE: 17in. X 14in.
TIME: 1hr. 48min.
The original painting has been SOLD.

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