MSI and Discovery Channel Tap Into a New Creative Audience with their PS63 Modern Laptop

Yesterday afternoon amongst the unfinished halls of CES, technology company MSI gathered journalists and gamers to announce that they have officially partnered with Discovery Channel to create the PS63 Modern laptop. MSI is known first and foremost for their slim and powerful gaming laptops, but through their PS63 Modern, the company is now hoping to expand to reach a community outside of the gaming world: designers and mobile creative content creators.

The PS63 Modern isn’t MSI’s first attempt at appealing to a more creative audience—during last year’s CES, the company unveiled two laptops to kick off this new range, the PS42 Modern and the P65 Creator. Both were a notable first step into the market, but the new PS63 Modern solidifies MSI’s interest in appealing to creators even more.

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So, what sets the PS63 Modern apart from anything else on the market? This laptop in particular puts emphasis on convenience and mobility above all. It features a 15.6-inch IPS-level display, crafted in a compact thin bezel chassis for optimal screen to body ratio. The entire laptop weighs in at around 3.6 lbs, but the real kicker is its whopping 16 hour battery life accompanied by Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0. This long battery life enables you to stay mobile for an entire day without carrying charger, and it is able to support your phone charge without compromising power. For those times when you will need a charger, like when traveling, the PS63 Modern’s power adapter is 38% smaller than those of previous MSI laptops. 

Slim profile

The PS63 Modern features the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 graphics, a powerful system for multitasking and rendering. Also included in the PS63 Modern is MSI’s effective Cooler Boost 3, which has the ability to reduce the laptop’s temperature, ensuring that it performs at its best without overheating. If Cooler Boost 3 can work for gamers, we have a feeling that it can work during the various stages of the digital design process. The touchpad also features an increased size and includes a fingerprint sensor for added biometric security. After using the touchpad to do basic tasks like open an Internet browser, we noticed a clear upgrade in the touchpad material from any laptop we’ve used—it’s extremely silky smooth and touch sensitive.

Enlarged touchpad

But as we all know, designers aren’t solely attracted to processing power and screen size. As appealing as that battery life is, we (for better or for worse) tend to gravitate towards shapes, profiles and subtle design details that fit our lifestyle. We want to feel like we’re designers while we’re working on the go. MSI took this psychological desire into account when designing certain surface details of the PS63 Modern. 

Our favorite example is the subtlety of the MSI logo on the front of the laptop because with many of MSI’s previous models, especially their gaming range, the MSI logo placement and color choice begs to be noticed (think red logo on black laptop). The PS63 Modern, however, takes MSI’s identity in a different direction—its slim profile, carbon gray color with blue accents and subtle logo instead begs for curiosity, for people to see the laptop for the first time and ask, “What type of laptop is that?” A sentiment that can be much more powerful than loud brand presence.

The PS63 Modern certainly makes a statement during a time when the general public is starting to rebel against certain tech moguls and product ranges. Through the release of the PS63 Modern, MSI has proven their dedication to further developing their laptop range until they fully meet the needs of designers—a statement we believe is worth paying attention to.

Learn more about MSI’s new PS63 Modern laptop in collaboration with Discovery Channel here.

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