“My Father Never Paid Child Support”: Grandparents Learn Their Son Basically Abandoned His Daughter, Teach Him A Lesson

‘Happily ever after’ may look great in the pages of a fairytale, but it’s not always how the real world works. Unfortunately. Good, strong, healthy, and long-lasting relationships can and do exist. However, not all relationships work out. This can lead to messy divorces that leave a trail of emotional fallout over decades. In some of the worst-case scenarios, some parents choose to abandon their spouse and kids to fend for themselves. If the parent you’re left with has a stable income, things might not be as bad, though the hurt still remains.

Redditor u/Dull-Handle-7586, who’s planning on getting married soon, shared a riveting tale about her family. Specifically, about her estranged father and how he reacted after realizing that he’d lose a ton of money because he’d never told his parents about the fact that he had her as a daughter.

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The author of the story explained how her grandparents finally found out that she exists and were absolutely livid that their son, her father, never decided to share this information. As a result, they decided to give her a gift to cover all of the child support and education that he should have paid, had he been there. A gift that came straight out of his trust fund.

You’ll find the full story in the OP’s own words, as well as how the AITA community reacted to it below, so be sure to read on, Pandas.

A woman’s paternal grandparents only recently learned that she exists

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To make up for her estranged father’s actions, they decided to give her a gift… straight out of his trust fund. Here’s the story, in full

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The author of the post clarified a few things for the AITA community in a couple of updates

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The OP made it clear that she didn’t really need the money because “we are decidedly upper middle class here.” Nonetheless, she decided to keep the funds. In one of the updates to her story, she decided that, together with her mom, she’ll set up a scholarship for people who want to go into her field of study.

The redditor’s estranged father was mad that his own parents decided to use his trust fund for this. He got in contact with the OP and told her that “his current wife and children will be negatively affected if I don’t give him back this money.” The AITA community was overwhelmingly in support of the redditor. They felt that she definitely deserved the money. They also stressed the fact that it’s not her father’s money but rather her grandparents’; thus, they can do with it what they want.

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The OP shared a few more thoughts and details down in the comments as well

Here’s what the internet thought about what the grandparents did

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