My World and Welcome to It (1969-1970)

We haven’t mentioned the WTM Curse for awhile, so here is another prime example of that sad phenomenon. One of my favorite programs in the late 60’s was My World and Welcome to It, an adaptation of the works of American humorist James Thurber, with the main male character being modeled after Thurber himself, a man with a severe Walter Mitty complex. The program featured a combination of live-action and animation, the latter being modeled after Thurber’s own peculiar artistic style. From the IMDb:

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I remember being thrilled to learn that “My World and Welcome to It” was based on James Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I recognized the similarities right away after reading the book, which was pretty amazing to me since I was just a kid. I’d love to see it in syndication. Lisa Gerritsen was a wonderful child actress and William Windom was perfect as John Monroe (aka “Walter”). It was well written and well acted. What more could you ask for? It was the perfect mix of reality and fantasy. Most of us live vicariously through television or film a few hours a day, so why not see it through the eyes of the master? We all have a little bit of John Monroe in us. “My World and Welcome to It” is the ultimate in escapism…for just a little while.

It was indeed an excellent series, and we know what that means – yes, it lasted just the one season. A pity, for Thurber was an accomplished author and a master of humor. The series was well-written, clever, witty, and the animation was superb. Yet here we are.

YouTube features all episodes and I have embedded a couple below (one is a double episode). If you’ve never seen these before, you’re in for a treat. They don’t hardly make them like this no more.

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