“Nah, I’m McKeeping It”: Guy Finds Thousands Of Dollars In Cash In His McDonald’s Order, Goes Viral For Returning It

Picture this, you’ve just woken up and can barely keep your eyes open, but duty calls, and you need to head out soon.

Before continuing with your day, you decide to treat yourself to a good old Sausage McMuffin — you know, to start it all out right. You’re driving to your nearest branch — however, you’re not yet in the mood to get out of the car, so you choose to get it through the drive-thru.

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You roll up to the window, and everything goes as it usually does, but surprise, surprise — once you stop at a parking lot, you discover a mysterious bag. Extra fries? Someone else’s order? Or maybe their ice cream machine is finally working, and they’ve decided to give out free dessert? No, false. It’s a bag full of cash — $5,000, to be exact.

Did you picture it? Well, Josiah from Indiana didn’t have to, because that’s exactly what happened to him.

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Guy returns a bag of cash that was accidentally handed to him at a McDonald’s drive-thru

Image credits: @dookiedoeboy

Recent internet fame belongs to Josiah Vargas, who took to TikTok to document his fairly intriguing encounter with McDonald’s. The customer had gone through the chain’s drive-thru to get a Sausage McMuffin, but when he opened his bag in the parking lot, he found that along with his treat, the staff member had unintentionally given him a bag of deposit money worth several thousand dollars that he, as a Good Samaritan, of course, returned. Since then, the video has gained 2.3M views, 489.4K likes, and nearly 23K comments.

Josiah Vargas, also known as @dookiedoeboy, went to McDonald’s to get a McMuffin – however, he later discovered that he was also handed a bag with $5K in cash

Image credits: @dookiedoeboy

The popular fast-food chain’s patron began his video by sharing that the drive-thru employee handed him the meal he’d ordered and a mysterious bag. When he finally opened it, he discovered that it was nothing less than a couple of thousand dollars stacked away in individual ziplock plastic bags. Just a typical thing. Everyone’s gotten a ton of cash from McDonald’s at some point in their lives, right?

Anyway, the guy was obviously taken aback by this whole situation — however, it wasn’t in his plan to rob the staff of their jobs because of a silly but still rather unusual mistake, so he headed straight back to the restaurant.

After contemplating it for a couple of seconds, the guy headed straight back to the restaurant to return the bag

Image credits: @dookiedoeboy

Once the TikToker arrived at the location, he contemplated his whole life for a couple of minutes (as all of us would), but despite how tempting it was to keep the cash, it was never his intention. He entered the restaurant and jokingly asked the staff members if they were laundering money now, and from that point on, it was just pure emotions.

Upon his arrival, he was greeted by emotional staff members who couldn’t stop thanking him

Image credits: @dookiedoeboy

The McDonald’s employees rushed to hug the TikToker and at some point even asked for a picture. He cut the video short — however, he did say that they were all crying and thanking him. Plus, the guy also earned himself free McDonald’s for a month, and while he was driving away, the staff called him back in and gave him 200 bucks. So, I guess we can all agree that the moral of the story is definitely do good, people! As far as we know, working in the fast-food industry is extremely demanding: it’s fast-paced, tiring, and stressful. The good news is that the bag ended up in Josiah’s hands, and the rest is history.

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The TikToker then said that he also received $200 and a month’s worth of free McDonald’s

Image credits: @dookiedoeboy

Vargas also made a couple of follow-up videos.

Turns out, he went to McDonald’s after work a day or two after the incident, to get his hands on some free goodies, but nobody recognized him. Perhaps because there was a shift change and the original folks didn’t warn anyone about it?  Either way, he had to pay for his two McChickens and a Sprite – however, they did take his number and name down, and on his third day back in a row, he finally got his well-deserved free meal.

What do you think about this interesting situation? Would you McKeep the money instead?

You can watch the video here:

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