NASA Scientists: Astronauts Get Bizarre Blood Flow

Blood flow can stop and even reverse in the upper bodies of astronauts, NASA scientists state in their report.

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The study could have some major implications with regards to prolonged trips through deep space, as we’re still trying to identify the exact effects of spending long periods in microgravity.

The study looked at periodic ultrasound tests of 11 healthy astronauts who staffed the International Space Station.

The results were alarming: blood flow had either stagnated or reversed in the left internal jugular vein, a major blood vessel on the side of the neck, in seven crew members. The tests also found a clot and a partial clot in two of the crew members after their return to Earth.

These clots could have some serious effects on an astronaut’s health. Find out more about this at Futurism.

(Image Credit: WikiImages/ Pixabay)

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