NASA Taps Canoo to Produce Astronaut Taxis for the Launchpad

Because rockets occasionally blow up on the launchpad, It’s not a good idea to have buildings nearby. That’s why the facilities where astronauts—and recently, space tourists—suit up is down the road a ways from the actual pad.

Thus vehicles are needed to get them there. Jeff Bezos famously showed up for his launch in a Rivian. Elon Musk’s SpaceX ferries spacegoers to their launchpad in Teslas. Now NASA has signed a deal with EV manufacturer Canoo to provide their launchpad taxi:

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Canoo’s CTV (Crew Transportation Vehicle) met NASA’s requirements for being zero-emissions, having a range of at least 50 miles and being able to seat eight people (one driver, three support staff, and four suited-up astronauts).

The CTV will go into service for NASA’s forthcoming Artemis missions, which are to send astronauts back to the moon starting in 2023.

Source: core77

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