Native Union Lightning Cables Offer a Rosy Outlook

Native Union Lightning Cables Offer a Rosy Outlook

Native Union’s head of design Fabien Nauroy describes their new rose-hued collection as a “softer look”, a nod to the color trends led by the realm of fashion. The gentle hue joins the brand’s well established collection of Lightning cables designed to soften the eyesore of cables strengthened by a reinforced structure engineered to endure the constant stress of plugging and unplugging.

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The Native Union Rose colorway is represented by four Lightning cable designs: NIGHT CABLE, BELT CABLE, BELT CABLE XL and KEY CABLE.

Like previous Native Union cable offerings, each of the four Lightning cables are wrapped in a combination of nylon braiding on the outside, with a TPE rubber sleeve, protective tinned copper braid, nylon fillers, and DuPont™ Kelvar® fiber strengthening the length from within. The combination is rated as six times stronger than standard charging cables (quantified by a rating of 10,000+ bends over the cable’s lifespan; one bend = 90° clockwise bend with a 180° counter-clockwise bend). Additionally, the connector joint is reinforced for durability at the stress point where breakage commonly occurs, usually the result of pulls and tugs made in a hurry.

A favorite feature is the weighted knot included with the 10-foot Night Cable, a simple detail that keeps the length in place across flat surfaces.

The pleasant hue makes it easy to leave these cables out without becoming an eyesore, a reliable bedside/desk or travel accessory.

The new rose hued design may be soft and pleasing aesthetically, but we can attest the cables offer a functional durability that puts Apple’s own Lightning cables to shame, all the while shucking off the trappings of the all-white cables accompanying iOS devices. The new Rose colorway can be purchased as a set or individually at the Native Union website.

Source: design-milk

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